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18 November 2005 10:15

Dog Breeding

by knann
Can you breed a new border collie puppy by selecting the parents with the right traits?

18 September 2005 00:15

national Whiteboard Network: Mathematics

by knann
Excel actvities for your classroom. Only download the activities marked with excel icon. Other files need to be downloaded to a PC first

03 September 2005 11:45

Kids Love Webpage Authoring Tool

by knann
An Easy to Use online web page creator. Pages are created online and then saved or emailed for posting on our school website. Once it is saved, images can easily be substituted.

26 August 2005 18:45

Place The State - Intermediate

by knann & 2 others (via)
Click and drag the states to their correct location

21 August 2005 12:15

Let's Discover Canada!

by knann
Software-based program on Canada. Also State of Vermont title is available.

21 August 2005 12:00

The Seven Wonders: Natural Wonders

by knann
Information on all the Wonders of the World with images

21 August 2005 11:45

21 August 2005 11:30

Elementary Zone

by knann
Web-based subscription service with math, literacy, and science activities for ages 4-7, 4-11, and 8-11. Login is case-sensitive.

21 August 2005 11:15

eChalk: free interactive resources for whole-class teaching

by knann
Soon to be a subscription service, these are additional interactives for math, science, and literacy.

21 August 2005 11:00

echalk: Interactive resources for Math

by knann
Online, open-ended tools to use with a projector( or by students) to stimulate exploration and discovery of math concepts.

19 August 2005 01:00

19 August 2005 00:45

19 August 2005 00:30

17 August 2005 23:30

SES by Sattelite

by knann
Starting at SES, how many landmarks can you find? Where is your house? What is the longitude and latitude? Look at the bottom of the screen and click "Link to this location". Save it to your favorites or copy the link into a Word Doc.

21 July 2005 14:00

Exploring Math With Technology

by knann
Grades 3-5 provides a variety of resources linked to the NCTM standards

21 July 2005 12:30

21 July 2005 12:15

Enchanted Learning: Canada

by knann
Good reference site for Canada appropriate to elementary school students

21 July 2005 11:30

Canada e-Book

by knann
The Canada e-Book uses sound, images, tables, graphs to look at Canada—The Land, The People, The Economy and The State. The text, photo, and some sound files may be appropriate for upper elementary students.

21 July 2005 10:00

The 50 States

by knann
Find State information for the folleing categories: Quick Facts, Geography, Early Inhabitants, History, Economy, Famous People, Sights to See, Bird and Flower

19 July 2005 11:00


by knann
Interactive resources for elementary science. From PBS, DFTV has units on Body and Brain, Earth and Space, Living Things, and Matter and Motion. Students will enjoy the Riddles section where they can find answers to tricky questions such as "How do you get electricty from a cow?"

19 July 2005 10:45

14 July 2005 16:15

The Tudors

by knann
Interactive activities from Great Britain's National Archives. Learn about the Court of Henry VIII, tudor life, and jousting. Well done and informative. Includes teacher resources.

14 July 2005 16:00

Blueberry Farm

by knann
Blueberry Farm is a computer program that models a simple ecosystem. It was designed to be used as part of a sequence of science lessons aiming to help Yr7 pupils understand more about the use of chemical agents in farming and how these can affect ecosystems.

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