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December 2007

May 2007

Enet Low level network library

by nachilau
This is a low level UDP control library, which seems to be easy to use.

April 2007

Active Wall Traffic Monitor

by lsjames
Active Wall Traffic Monitor is a free real time network traffic monitor software for LAN. It has great performance, can monitor more than 1,000 computers at the same time. And it is stable and secure for 24X7 running. It displays IP address, MAC address, computer name, send/receive speed, send/receive packets, send/receive bytes of each computer in real time. It provides tcp/udp/icmp/igmp packets, tcp/udp/icmp/igmp bytes traffic statistics and show net flow in real time. It can export daily traffic statistics of each computer automatically. All these functions are free. Active Wall Traffic Monitor includes Show Flux plugin.

September 2006

July 2006

Airhook -- Reliable, efficient transmission control for networks that suck.

by fakechris
Airhook is a reliable data delivery protocol, like TCP. Unlike TCP, Airhook gracefully handles intermittent, unreliable, or delayed networks. Other features include session recovery, queue control, and delivery status notification.

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