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March 2007

U3 : la clé USB nouvelle génération

by 1grandouf
Pouvoir utiliser son bureau - applications et fonds d'écran compris - sur n'importe quel ordinateur, c'est ce que propose cette nouvelle génération de clé. Les explications et les premiers modèles. Différence Clé USB et Clé USB U3 !

December 2005

July 2005


by yohoho & 161 others, 1 comment
Welcome to Browsershots, an open-source system for distributed automatic production of browser screenshots.

lilina news aggregator

by yohoho & 17 others
lilina is a simple but powerful news aggregator written in PHP. No database is needed, RSS/ATOM parsing is done by the excelent MagpieRSS libra

ongoing · Atomic RSS

by yohoho & 5 others
You can generate an RSS feed and, by following a few simple rules, be really sure that there's a 100%-equivalent Atom 1.0 feed, so that if you're generating both, they'll be in sync, and if you need to switch back and forth, it's just a matter of changing

Google adds RSS reader to on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

by yohoho
Google adds RSS reader to personalized homepage - not as elegant as My Yahoo, but it's a start

by yohoho
Indie music reviews with a nifty Ajax interface

Main Page - HughPage

by yohoho & 1 other
This wiki is designed to give bloggers a place where they can centrally collate their links for whatever reason".

Do it yourself free podcasting PHP script for sharing mp3s

by yohoho
PHP script to turn your folder of mp3s into a bonafide podcast.

RBSoftware :: Web Tools for Mac OS X

by yohoho
a nice GUI for the Apple ChapterTool utility to make simply chaptered AAC file for your podcast.

FeedShake - Merge , sort and filter RSS feeds

by yohoho & 27 others
a feed aggregator that lets you to create new feeds by merging, sorting and filtering existing online RSS feeds.

Wink - [Homepage]

by yohoho & 72 others
how to make tutorials

MAKE: Blog: MAKE AUDIO: HOW TO make a USB PSP charger (enhanced podcast)

by yohoho
how to make AAC encoded audio files ("enhanced podcasts") for use in the iTunes Music Store.

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