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by kemar
et paf ! maintenant sur pownce ! [from]

Loic Le Meur blog [FR]: Comment je suis 3500 personnes sur Twitter et j'adore cela

by kemar
Très intéressant le post de @loiclemeur sur sa manière d'utiliser twitter [from]

google-blog-converters-appengine - Google Code

by srcmax & 2 others
This project contains a number of converters to and from different Blog services. The code is written in Python with scripts to execute the conversions either on the command-line, through a Windows batch script, or hosted on Google App Engine.


TypePad AntiSpam

by srcmax & 1 other (via)
Calling all bloggers! We’d like to enlist your help in making TypePad AntiSpam the best, smartest, free antispam service available. We’ve launched this beta version in an effort to make the service smarter, and we’re counting on your feedback to provide vital information on how to defeat spam more effectively.

Design to Inspire Contest

by kusolog



Typepad : attacher un nom de domaine

by pyxosledisciple
Comment attacher un nom de domaine à un blog Typepad

Le Monde moves to WordPress

by tehu & 1 other (via)
Automattic pique une grosse référence à Sixapart.

3spots: Social Bookmarking Buttons you can Hotlink • • •

by urbanfoto & 2 others
Here are some buttons you can hotlink with or without the code to post to several social bookmark services so you can directly copy and past as-is to your blog template!

TypePad Hacks: How To: Create a Dynamic Horizontal Navigation Menu for TypePad Blogs

by urbanfoto
To create a dynamic horizontal menu as seen above, follow the steps in the extended post. You must have a TypePad Pro account and be using advanced templates in order to use this Hack. Note: when altering your existing template code, it is a very good id

Six Apart - Everything TypePad - Sharing Some Knowledge

by urbanfoto & 1 other
One of the great things about blogging is integrating other cool services into your blog, whether in the main body or sidebar modules. In fact, we happen to know this is an area of great interest to bloggers. That's because we're constantly listening to a

Coincidence? I think not.

by tehu
What follows is a comparison of the two implementations: WordPress' Sidebar Editor and Movable Type’s Sidebar Manager. / Byrne Reese

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