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16 December 2006

Blair promotes Turkish EU membership

by Mal Burns (via)
Talking of turkeys, the prime preacher coninues to run around trying to do all the things he didn't get around to furing the last decade. Europe made it pretty clear this week that Turkey's entry to the EU would be put on hold a while, so once again Blair is pissing against the wind. More alarming still is that he appears desparate to go down in history trying to settle the problem with the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Bad enough that it is far too late in his premiership for him to make any real impact. Worse still that his hasty and superficial meddling could just make matters worse for the credibility of his sucessors.

Former hippie heroine prepares to murder animals

by Mal Burns (via)
Pretty darned scary. Just because it's a convention amonst carnivores doesn't mean you have to promote it. Slaughter of turkeys is hardly a seasonal pursuit any more, but the real offense is that such diatribe could come from this writer.

19 November 2006

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

by amosdettonville
classic from wkrp, just in time for thanksgiving ... a vid. thanks youtube!

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