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3.4 million page views per day, 92 M per month, one server and Drupal

by holyver (via)
In this talk, Khalid of, Inc., Inc will talk about a how to scale a Drupal web site with the following statistics. 3.4 million pages per day peak 92 million page views per month 189,650 page views per hour peak 840,000 visits on peak day 22.96 million visits per month 52,747 visits per hour peak So far, this is the highest traffic a Drupal site gets that we heard of. What is amazing is that this web site runs on a single mid range server ...


TCP Tuning Guide - Linux TCP Tuning

by nicolargo (via)
Guide de tuning pour sa configuration IP sur GNU/Linux


Salon du Tuning - Collection de voitures anciennes Schlumpf

by irols
La Cité de l'Automobile accueille au printemps 2009 le Salon du Tuning. Un rendez-vous incontournable pour les amateurs de belles voitures.


Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters

by holyver & 23 others, 1 comment
A Web cache sits between one or more Web servers (also known as origin servers) and a client or many clients, and watches requests come by, saving copies of the responses — like HTML pages, images and files (collectively known as representations) — for itself. Then, if there is another request for the same URL, it can use the response that it has, instead of asking the origin server for it again.

How To Optimize Your Site With HTTP Caching | BetterExplained

by holyver & 2 others
Caching is a great example of the ubiquitous time-space tradeoff in programming. You can save time by using space to store results. In the case of websites, the browser can save a copy of images, stylesheets, javascript or the entire page. The next time the user needs that resource (such as a script or logo that appears on every page), the browser doesn’t have to download it again. Fewer downloads means a faster, happier site.

Cache control header and browser cache behaviours | Inmates Are Running Asylum

by holyver
Vey useful links for cache control and browser behaviors * Explain of cache control in detail (very nice article! ) * The State of Browser Caching: * XMLHttpRequest caching:

Tools for Performance Tuning and Optimization |, Inc. - Drupal Development, Customization and Consulting

by holyver
When tuning a site's performance, a system administrator needs certain tools to measure and monitor how the site is doing under increasing load, as well as identify where bottlenecks may be. Linux system performance monitoring tools On Linux, there are several tools available to you to do this. We describe what we have found as the most helpful in this section.

Tuning the Apache MaxClients parameter |, Inc. - Drupal Development, Customization and Consulting

by holyver
Apache prefork, StartServers, MaxSpareServers and MinSpareServers In the most common case, you will be using Apache in the prefork mode, meaning one process per connection, with a pool of processes pre-forked to standby for connections. The number of spare processes is defined by the values MaxSpareServers, MinSpareServers, while the number to start is defined by StartServers.

ColdFusion MX: Explanation of Request Timeout and threadWaitTimeout settings

by brianwaustin (via)
This TechNote explains what the Request timeout and threadWaitTimeout settings are and how they work. Note: Screenshots are from CFMX 6.1 Administrator but information also applies to CFMX 7.

Pimp My Ride - Trilogy Studios

by irols
Pimp My Ride is a real-time world simulation centered on the automotive lifestyle. Players live out their personal automotive fantasies:

Automobile et Jeux-vidéo by MustangManiac

by irols
En résumé, ce blog est pour: -ceux qui aiment les caisses, digitallisées ou pas -ceux qui aiment le tuning (un peu) -ceux qui aiment les jeux-vidéo -ceux qui aiment l'originalité (je veux pas faire le même blog que M.Tout le monde) Mais aussi pour tous ceux qui s'interressent de près où de loin, et sous toutes ses formes, ce formidable objet de passion auquel est consacré mon blog !

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