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Print I Think You're Fat

by springnet
Radical Honesty. The movement was founded by a sixty-six-year-old Virginia-based psychotherapist named Brad Blanton. He says everybody would be happier if we just stopped lying. Tell the truth, all the time. This would be radical enough -- a world without


Sanity check: 10 dirty little secrets you should know about working in IT | Tech Sanity Check |

by brianwaustin
TechRepublic's Jason Hiner spills the beans on some of the most nefarious aspects of working in IT. From bursting the bubble of newbies wanting to play with cutting edge gear to explaining how techies cover their tracks by confounding business managers with technical jargon, Jason provides the tell-all.


by CyberRev
A Christian website of truth or dare. One of the most controversial, investigative, religious, biblical websites on the Internet. A great site for DEEP research or the spiritual seeker of truth or lie.

Cultural Belief (Part 2)

by bestofme
Don't you know that we are conditioned by our environment? Even, we do not know what is good to eat. We even can be conditioned so that food that taste "not nice" become "delicious".

2006 Video - Truth in Advertising

by sorin_postelnicu
Exceptionally funny video: what would it be like if the people working in advertising would speak the truth

The Marijuana Conspiracy - The Real Reason Hemp is Illegal | Alternative News Network

by RoseD1
Pot is NOT harmful to the human body or mind. Marijuana does NOT pose a threat to the general public. Marijuana is very much a danger to the oil companies, alcohol, tobacco industries and a large number of chemical corporations. Various big businesses, wi

Revs arrive, truth dies

by jasontromm
The arrival of the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton [at Duke] changes the dynamic dramatically. Rev. Jackson is even so sure that the alleged rape victim is telling the truth he is providing her with a scholarship for her college education. All of a sudden the issue is not a rape victim and those that may be guilty of such a horrific crime; rather, it is about "white rich boys" attacking a "poor black girl." Why?

The Oldest Morality Play

by jasontromm
Cop shows are virtually the only place on television where it’s acceptable to be morally judgmental. In an age that rejects absolute moral truths, the popularity of cop shows is a healthy sign, because they point to the existence of a moral order that is intuitively understood, and hence, to the truth of Christianity.

Studies Compare Arbitration and Litigation - National Arbitration Forum

by National-Arbitration-Forum
A study conducted by the National Workrights Institute found that employees who settled disputes through arbitration prevailed 62% of the time as compared to a 43% win rate in court.

Press Spins Abramoff as “Republican Scandal”

by jasontromm (via)
Look at this Abramoff investigation. Already the media are treating it as a Republican scandal, almost exclusively. Well, the fact is that we know that both Dingy Harry and Helmet Head, Byron Dorgan, may have problems. Reid is the Senate Democrat leader. But they're reporting it this way because they want it to be a Republican scandal. Some news reports are even saying Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff. We know for a fact he spread money around to both parties.


Narnia! Disney's thrilling new movie is here

by jasontromm
The great news is that the Disney movie version of "The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe" is not only very entertaining, but retains the deeper truth and essence of C.S. Lewis' great novel, the first in his great seven-part Chronicles of Narnia redemptive fantasy series. Just 11 hours after the final edits, the Director's Guild audience thrilled to the exciting motion picture, adapted beautifully from the novel that almost 100 million people have read and loved. Neither the fans of the book, nor the fans of the story behind the story, will be disappointed.

The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code

by ryanne
[friday, 07 january 2005] 我 已 中 毒 . . . 我 承 認 我 對 dan brown's da vinci code 感 到 既 驚 嘆 又 驚 恐 . . . . 我 . . . 急 需 一 帖 鎮 定 劑, 讓 我 重 拾 基 督 教 給 我 的 踏 實 感 . . . Currently Reading: The

Getting Wise to the Lies

by jasontromm
Young women are finally hearing the truth about abortion: It doesn’t get rid of a “blob of tissue:” It kills a living baby. And it’s not the safe surgery that advocates claim: It carries terrible risks and long-term consequences.

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