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December 2010

Transmedia activism

by gregg
Transmedia activism is a framework that creates social impact by using storytelling by a number of decentralized authors who share assets and create content for distribution across multiple forms of media to raise awareness and influence action.

Transmedia Storyteller

by gregg
Engaging Stories Elegantly Managed Focus on storytelling, not technology Easier design and management of transmedia projects Monitor and respond to your audience


by gregg
Lowlifes is a new kind of entertainment experience that uses what's known as "transmedia storytelling" - it's a novella, a video series, a blog and a game! What's cool is that each media - book, video, blog, game - can all be enjoyed in their own right and neither is an adaptation of something else. That means the more you read or watch the greater the pleasure!

Babies, Buns And Buzzers

by gregg
Mike Monello, Partner and ECD at Campfire giving the keynote at the 2010 Power to The Pixel in London. What 100 years of experiential entertainment can teach us about transmedia storytelling.

Digital shift: writing for transmedia « The Pixel Report

by gregg
How does one write a dynamic, immersive, interactive experience where the film is just one part (and a static one at that)? Maureen McHugh is a Hugo award-winning short story writer and novelist, and a partner at L.A.-based No Mimes Media, one of the world leaders in designing transmedia entertainment experiences. Speaking at Power to the Pixel’s Cross-Media Forum in London last month, Maureen explores whether ARGs, transmedia and digital media are more than simple promotional tools, how audiences expect to impact a story, and what that now means for writers.

November 2010

TFI :: Future Docs: Creating Documentaries Across Platforms

by HK & 1 other
I like the suggestion of Jennifer Wilson of the Project Factory in Australia, who notes we should think of all the new digital platforms and tools as colors in your storytelling palette.

9 creative uses of QR Codes for your business | memeburn

by HK
With the exponential rise in mobile internet access there is no doubt in my mind that 2D codes (also known as Quick Response, or QR Codes) will become a trusty tool for “tagging” real-world objects with virtual information.

October 2010

C’est quoi une équipe transmédia ? | transmedia lab

by gregg
Story Architect est définitivement un métier du futur. Le salut du transmédia passe par la formation de personnes qui, comme Lance Weiler, sont à la fois auteur – réalisateur – producteur – chef de projet – designer d’architectures web – expert des médias sociaux – spécialiste des nouveaux moyens de distribution – acteur – animateur de communautés. Ainsi, le concept narratif sera nativement transmédia et incarné par une personne capable de porter la même vision tout au long du projet comme dans les productions plus traditionnelles.

Transmedia: A Naive But Omnivorous Form - JawboneTV

by gregg
there is no clear agreement on what defines a transmedia project, though Henry Jenkins, MIT Professor and author of the canonical Convergence Culture, has defined 7 core principles of transmedia narrative. More generally I’d argue that all transmedia properties exhibit the following four properties: 1.    all platforms are considered from the inception of the project as valid vehicles to support narrative; 2.    different platforms are used to tell different aspects of a story; 3.    participation and sharing is encouraged (but not necessary); 4.    while users are encouraged to draw connections between platforms, stories can exist separately from one another in the fictive universe.   Like any genre it’s defined by cliché, so many transmedia properties feature one or more of the following: a conspiracy theory, a young girl in peril, a kidnapping, some hackers, a sinister corporate organization subverting the state, a pandemic, an eco-disaster, a war in Africa/the Middle East, terrorists, CCTV cameras you can hack, clues in the source code that require you to phone a journalist’s mobile answering machine, etc…

Conspiracy For Good

by gregg
an augmented reality drama that took place on the Internet, on mobile devices and offline in four live action events in London. It was developed by Heroes creator Tim Kring and sponsored by Nokia. The audience played the part of activists and supporters of the eponymous organisation, Conspiracy For Good, and joined in to help direct the action by solving various puzzles spread across different media.

Collapsus: The Energy Risk Conspiracy

by gregg
Collapsus is a brand-new transmedia project from SubmarineChannel that combines interactivity, animation, fiction, and documentary. Collapsus looks into the near future and shows you how the imminent energy crisis affects a group of ten young people, who appear to be caught up in an energy conspiracy. Collapsus is the transmedia project associated with the documentary, Energy Risk. 
Collapsus is directed by Tommy Pallotta, producer of Scanner Darkly and Waking Life, and director of American Prince.

September 2010

WorkBook Project :: an open creative network

by HK
The WorkBook Project is for those who want to be creative in the digital age. An open creative network that provides insight into the process of funding, creating, distributing and sustaining from one's creative efforts.

Producing Transmedia Stories – 10 Reasons why Audiences do it Better… | PERSONALIZE MEDIA

by HK
So why is this? What techniques do makers of user created transmedia (you and I wearing our normal, connected people hats) employ that make it more interesting to their target audience and what can the ‘artificial storytellers’ learn?

July 2010

CEMEA - Enfants Ecrans Jeunes et Médias

by srcmax & 1 other (via)
Oui, mais voilà. Prison Valley, le doc, diffusé sur ARTE fait partie d’un ensemble tranmédia. Et il renvoie inévitablement au webdoc du même nom, qu’on a pu voir avant la diffusion télé, ou qu’on se précipitera sur Internet pour le voir aussitôt après. Voir n’est d’ailleurs pas le mot juste, puisqu’il s’agit d’autre chose qu’un spectacle télévisuel. Autre chose ? On a bien affaire au même projet, avec les mêmes lieux, les mêmes images, les mêmes personnes interviewées, le même commentaire. Comment en fin de compte est-ce un produit différent ?

May 2010

The power of transmedia storytelling - SmartPlanet

by HK
Transmedia storytelling, often referred to as crossmedia or multiplatform storytelling takes the elements of a character’s narrative and applies them uniquely to each medium while extending the story.

Storyworlds: The New Transmedia Business Paradigm

by HK
Jeff Gomez (head dude at Starlight Runner Entertainment, and general good guy) gives yet another informative presentation on the real world (business) models in today's transmedia. (If you like this, you might want to read the interview we did with Jeff: 'The Transmedia Equation, Part 1: Top-Down Development with Jeff Gomez').

Lance Weiler on the "Storyworld" - Filmmaker Magazine - Winter 2009

by HK
This is no longer the case. We are now in a time of open creativity when amateurs and professionals are collaborating around media in ways similar to how those in the open-source software movement work together to develop, share and maintain software code.

April 2010

What Exactly Do We Do? | SWARM

by HK
In addition to developing original entertainment projects in-house, and helping independent creators maximize their reach and impact, Swarm Entertainment’s service work is focused on the following: Conceptual development Production Promotion Branded Project

March 2010

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