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The 15 Things I've Learned about Transmedia Storytelling | Filmmakers, Film Industry, Film Festivals, Awards & Movie Reviews | Indiewire

by gregg
ngrid Kopp, the Tribeca Film Institute's Director of Digital Initiatives, recently shared her wisdom garnered over the year's she has spent in the transmedia world in a presentation for the X Media Lab conference in Switzerland.  While her initial presentation (available via SlideShare at the bottom of this post) had ten lessons learned, she's expanded on the original list with five additional dollops of wisdom.

ZED.TO - A Story About The End of Our World

by gregg
248 days ago, our world ended this is the story of what happened 1 viral idea 8 live events 75 performers 333 crowdfunders 3,500 event participants 35,000 online engagements over 1,000,000,000 dead (and counting)

The 9 Things Every Interactive Media Producer Should Think About Before Creating

by gregg
The documentary filmmakers and media producers who are venturing out into the world of transmedia or interactive storytelling have advanced storytelling, but have spent much time, elbow grease, and sweat on their projects.  As more producers seek to make more dynamic interactive projects, what should they keep in mind?  Here are 9 things to keep in mind.


All Sinners | TwitterFiction transmedia

by gregg
fiction française transmedia et collaborative sur Twitter 100% temps réel.

Deadly Affairs Experience

by gregg connects you to an immersive Deadly Affairs mystery. Keep following the story right here and engage in conversation about the mystery at Rob and Gabby were such a happy couple... too bad Rob's wife didn't think so, and took matters into her own hands. Tune in to Investigation Discovery every week at 10PM E/P for more Deadly Affairs.



by gregg
Fanfan 2, a new transmedia literary genre Fanfan 2 is a transmedia project, created by Alexandre Jardin and Orange, offering a new experience beyond reading. This participatory and multi-screen approach makes it possible to extend fiction beyond the realms of the paper book, harnessing the specific features of each media (geolocation, itinerant use, viral approach, etc.).


Transmedia activism

by gregg
Transmedia activism is a framework that creates social impact by using storytelling by a number of decentralized authors who share assets and create content for distribution across multiple forms of media to raise awareness and influence action.

Babies, Buns And Buzzers

by gregg
Mike Monello, Partner and ECD at Campfire giving the keynote at the 2010 Power to The Pixel in London. What 100 years of experiential entertainment can teach us about transmedia storytelling.

The End of the Line :: Home Page

by HK & 1 other
The End of the Line (le bout de la ligne de pêche) est un film documentaire qui n’est sorti qu’aux USA et en Grande-Bretagne concernant la surexploitation des océans, notamment en ce qui concerne la pêche. Il a été réalisé en 2008 selon le livre éponyme de Charles Clover. On y parle donc de plusieurs sujets : le moratoire sur la pêche à la morue au large de Terre-Neuve, la surpêche du thon rouge et l’augmentation de la demande pour les sushis, les conséquences de la disparition du poisson pour l’alimentation des êtres humains, etc…

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