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Loves of a Cyclops

by gregg
Here's a beautiful, simple branching narrative project called Loves of a Cyclops. Created on a very limited budget the project features lovely aesthetics and a comprehensive site with lots of story bits and pieces to explore.



by gregg
Writer and producer Daniel Knauf, best known as the creator of "Carnivàle" on HBO, has ditched Hollywood and struck out on his own to mine the field of transmedia. "Haunted" is best described as a fictional story that follows paranormal investigators working inside an abandoned house tormented by supernatural events. The storytelling format features multimedia elements such as research documentation and investigators' blogs. Shot with multiple cameras, the project's navigational timeline allows viewers to manipulate how they view the story. [voir ]


Authentic In All Caps | It's dangerously Unpopular to be

by gregg
AiAC is an audio drama that takes you across the web, interacting with fictional websites while you hear the character’s stories behind them. It is an online episodic comedy-drama that is explorable, ever expanding, reactive, playful, and replayable. We’re inventing the technology to make this an experience you’ll slide easily into but will be like nothing before.

Project 404

by gregg
404 est un récit transmédia qui se situe au croisement du réel et du virtuel. C’est par une volonté commune de raconter des histoires d’une manière nouvelle que nous nous sommes réunis pour fonder le projet 404. Nous avons envisagé internet comme un espace à investir, à scénographier, où l’on peut faire vivre des émotions et des aventures.

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