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Denshi Jisho - Online Japanese dictionary

by ycc2106
Denshi Jisho is an easy-to-use and powerful online Japanese dictionary. It lets you find words, kanji and example sentences by searching in many ways. The dictionaries are also interlinked so that you can check what the kanji in a word mean individually or what context a word can be used in. You can also look up kanji by the parts they contain. Denshi Jisho Bookmarklet. Select a Japanese word on a page, then click the bookmarklet to make a quick lookup on that word.

MyMemory - Machine translation meets human translation

by ycc2106
Collaborative online translator - many language supported Get a better translation with 162.104.568 human contributions. MyMemory supports on-the-fly creation of customized memories for specific jobs: just upload the files and download a made-to-measure memory that may be opened with any CAT tool. Users can also upload memories to back them up, or to consolidate multiple memories into a single, searchable reference resource. These features are even available without publicly sharing uploaded memories, although this practice is encouraged wherever legally possi

EUdict | European dictionary

by ycc2106
English-Croatian, Croatian-English, Enlish-Japanese (Kanji), Japanese (Kanji)-English, English-Chinese, Chinese-English, German-English, Japanese-English, English-Japanese, English-Polish, Polish-English, French-English, English-Spanish, English-German, Spanish-English, English-Swedish, Swedish-English, English-Indonesian, Indonesian-English, English-French, German-Spanish, Spanish-German, Japanese-French, French-Japanese, English-Italian, French-Croatian, Croatian-French, Spanish-Croatian, Italian-English, Croatian-Spanish, German-Italian, Italian-German, Croatian-Slovenian, Croatian-Czech, Hungarian-Croatian, Croatian-Hungarian, Czech-Croatian, Slovenian-Croatian, Dutch-Croatian, Italian-Croatian, German-Croatian, Croatian-German, English-Latin, Croatian-Dutch, Croatian-Italian, English-Norwegian, Norwegian-English, Latin-Croatian, Latin-English, Croatian-Latin English-Finnish and Finnish-English. Some of the words may be incorrectly translated or mistyped but no one is perfect.

Morse Code Translator

by ycc2106
Translate text to Morse Code generates midi file

Linguee – The web as a dictionary – German/English

by ycc2106
Use the internet database for common phrases: Search millions of sentences translated by other people on the internet. - Automatically translate tweets into over 40 languages

by ycc2106 & 1 other
provide a quick easy and automatic tool to post foreign language tweets So next time you want to speak to someone in another country don't grab for the translation book, just visit TweetTranslate!

Free Website Translation and Online Free Translator

by ycc2106 & 2 others
free translation tool that anybody can implement on his website in order to give those who stumble upon it a chance to read it in their own languages. More than 40 different languages are actually supported, and these even include simplified and traditional Chinese along with Greek and Russian.

Mloovi RSS Blog Translator (MT)

by ycc2106 & 2 others
Thanks to recent developments over at Planet Google, we now offer 43 languages. The revised list is… Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Catalan Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Farsi (Persian, ‘Iranian’) Filipino Finnish French Galician German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Maltese Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese

Spanish to english slang terms

by hiphop
just point the cursor at a word and get instant translation


Harmony Framework - PHP to javascript translation

by Xavier Lacot
Harmony translates your PHP code into javascript, in a way inspired by GWT.


by nachilau & 1 other
Online translator

free online translator |

by tokitama & 1 other
翻訳するテキストの言語の種類は自動判別されるため、言語の種類が不明でも日本語や他の言語に翻訳することができます 英語以外のものを翻訳する際も、一旦英語に翻訳してから、という操作も不要になっています


by ycc2106
convert romaji to kanji

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