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Find the Best Digital Marketing Training in India

by nash2925 (via)
Connect with top Digital Marketing Training by posting your requirement on UrbanPro. Digital Marketing Training Articles, Digital Marketing Training Discussions & Digital Marketing Training Videos.



by wabaus
Demo of QuizTones ear-training software


Best Kendo

by Takwann
Training and Practice Dummy and other kendo Innovations

Iaido Kakari Keiko Exercises | Idaho Kendo Club | Boise Idaho | Japanese Kendo and Iaido

by Takwann
You can download the PDF of iaido kakari keiko exercises that Yamasaki sensei teaches. These are useful for building up your basic iaido skills and body condition to support the performance of iaido kata.

Software Modeling and Design: UML, Use Cases, Patterns, and Software Architectures Book Review

by tadanderson
All in all this is a very high quality book packed with very valuable information any architect at an level of experience will benefit from. Hi highly recommend this book!!!!

Muscle Memory - it's all in the mind!

by Takwann
When we are learning a new skill, say for instance a new kata or a new type of kick, your movements may be clumsy and jerky – not at all like your instructors movements. This is because your brain has not yet laid down a memory pattern for this movement. It hasn’t recruited the appropriate motor units in the muscle and developed new neuronal and synaptic connections that enhance communication between the muscle and the brain.

conscious competence learning model matrix- unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence

by Takwann
Here first is the 'conscious competence' learning model and matrix, and below other theories and models for personal learning and change. The earliest origins of the conscious competence theory are not entirely clear, although the US Gordon Training International organisation has certainly played a major role in defining it and and promoting its use (see the notes below about the conscious competence model origins).

How Should You Practice After Training?

by Takwann
Once we finish a personal defense training class, a question that should remain in our minds is, “Where do I go from here?” We trainers almost universally say that you have to practice after a class to ingrain the skills you learned in order to achieve the unconscious competence necessary to prevail in a critical incident. In order to practice properly, you have to have a plan for it. The saying “Only perfect practice makes perfect” applies not only to the physical skills involved but also to the structure of what and how you practice.

Violence in Kendo

by Takwann
Recently I have received some questions in the Q&A area about bullying and other forms of violence in kendo. And I happened to help Blake Bennett with his thesis on the very topic. I hope one day you can read his thesis somehow. After reading the thesis and thinking about violence in kendō, I thought it is very important for every one of us to consider howkendō sould be trained and instructed without losing the core essence of kendō. It is true that in kendō we still have "traditional methods" in training. These look vicious and really violent to itsaudience if they do not know what they are doing.


Un cinéaste au fond des yeux #67 : Quentin Dupieux - Le fil cinéma - Télé

by HK
LE FIL CINéMA - Un film qui vous a fait pleurer ? Une scène que vous avez ratée ? C’est un questionnaire cinéphile et intime, tendance prousto-godardien, le plus illustré possible (photos, extraits…), que l’on soumet aux cinéastes qui comptent pour nous. Dans le fauteuil du réalisateur aujourd’hui, Quentin Dupieux, alias Mr Oizo, dont le nouveau long métrage, “Rubber”, sort aujourd'hui.

Web Documentaire

by HK
Introduction 0.1 Le Web documentaire Voyage au Bout du Charbon / Thanotorama ( grand prix du jury 2007 au Web Flash festival au centre Georges Pompidou) ...



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