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Révision 9872 – The Trac Project

by Xavier Lacot
The bugs tracker Trac goes to version 0.12, with lots of good things inside : translation of the user interface, multiple repositories support, preview "side-by-side" in wiki edition, and more...

#7876 (python 2.6 breaks attachments/milestone editing/likely more) – The Trac Project

by Xavier Lacot
this is precisely why my Trac instance could not accept attachment. Fixed now!


Repository Hosting

by simon_bricolo & 2 others
Unlimited Subversion and Git repositories and unlimited Trac instances all for $6 per month. With only One Plan and One Price, Repository Hosting makes hosted project management simple again.

TracWorkflow – The Trac Project

by François Hodierne
Interesting new feature in Trac

Vaincre le trac grâce à un rituel, l'exemple artistique One-Man-Show de Paul Séré : Fadhila Brahimi, FB-Associés: Coaching d'Entreprises

by fbrahimi
Les artistes mêmes confirmés connaissent le trac et ont tous des astuces pour l'apprivoiser et transformer l'énergie puissante du trac en atout. Embrasser et porter un gri-gri porte bonheur, ou un objet fétiche; s'isoler ou se mettre en hyper activité... ces rituels ont pour but de se centrer sur soi et/ou d'externaliser le stress.

Trac Improvements - Web Services - University Wiki

by Xavier Lacot
A collection of Greasemokey scripts that enhance the Trac user experience.


system_daemon - Trac

by camel (via)
System_Daemon is a PHP class that allows developers to easily create daemons with simple syntax like:

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