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Extension Google Chrome "AdSense Publisher Toolbar"

by Environnement
En un clic de souris et sans quitter votre site, cette extension officielle pour GG Chrome vous permet de consulter un résumé de vos revenus AdSense en temps réel.




Google Sidewiki

by ycc2106
Google Sidewiki is a browser sidebar that lets you contribute and read information alongside any web page. Annotated link


Web Access Centre Blog :: RNIB Surf Right Toolbar - beta version available

by julie & 1 other (via)

Surf Right Toolbar is designed to make adjusting certain options within Internet Explorer quicker and easier, using either the mouse or keyboard. Developed by RNIB and the Web Accessibility Tools Consortium (WAT-C) the Accessibility Toolbar is a free download and currently in beta version.

WikiToolbarTemplatesPatch |

by simon_bricolo
An extra 'toolbar' is added to let your users choose from some predefined templates

How 404 pages work in Google Toolbar Beta 5

by kuroyagi
"If you’re a webmaster, customized 404 pages should continue work fine. If you want to be sure that users see your 404 page, make it 512 bytes or longer."


» Features :: The Web 2.0 Toolbar - The Best of Web 2.0, Right in Your Browser

by srcmax
The Web 2.0 Toolbar is a free “hyperaggregator” that combines the top headlines, functionality and content of a large number of web 2.0 blogs, news sites, picture sites, video sites, Jobs, PR, and link sites into a simple format that can be scanned in less than a minute. The toolbar also includes the ability to search over 40 sites and submit content to over 30 social bookmarking sites.

La photoshop List Toolbar pour Internet Explorer ou Firefox

by LuciferX
La photoshop List Toolbar est une barre d'outil pour Internet Explorer et Mozilla Firefox qui vise à améliorer, aider et former les utilisateurs de Photoshop et autres logiciels de graphisme. Vous y retrouverez de nombreuses ressources, une sélection des meilleurs outils de recherche et bien plus encore...

Viewpoint- Breaking New Ground in Rich Media & Interactive Marketing

by cyberien
What does Viewpoint bring to your marketing table? Aside from 10 years of creating engaging rich media, Viewpoint brings a unique Internet Marketing Technology strategy to your advertising efforts. By offering a suite of online marketing technology products, we can create something phenomenal, see where it will best work, and show you the success of it. The result? Better results for you.

Toolbar outils barre

by Video Clip & 4 others
Toolbar Webtv, pleins de fonctionnalité, fil rss de site web, radio intégré

Toolbar outils barre

by CamChat & 4 others
Toolbar Webtv, pleins de fonctionnalité, fil rss de site web, radio intégré

Toolbar outils barre

by Gratuit Technologie & 4 others
Toolbar Webtv, pleins de fonctionnalité, fil rss de site web, radio intégré

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