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16 October 2006 22:00 - Wiki - TomcatStandalonevsEmbedded

by holyver
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Tomcat embedded inside of JBoss Application Server versus running Tomcat independently?

12 October 2006 23:00

The Apache Tomcat Connector - FAQ

by holyver
General Informations and FAQ about JK. JK is a project covering web-servers to Tomcat connectors, whereas mod_jk is the Apache module developed in JK.JK is a project covering web-servers to Tomcat connectors, whereas mod_jk is the Apache module developed in JK.

12 October 2006 22:00

Comparing Apache Tomcat Performance Across Platforms @ LINUX.SYS-CON.COM

by holyver
We have measured performance information to distinguish the differences between the Windows and Linux platforms. Given comparable hardware we found the performance differences almost trivial.

12 October 2006 21:45

Servlet Performance Report: Comparing Apache Tomcat Performance Across Platforms

by holyver (via)
This first part of this article measures performance information in order to distinguish the differences evident between the Windows® and Linux platforms. We find that given comparable hardware the performance differences introduced are almost trivial. When the server was pressed to capacity, our Windows installation was forced turn away some traffic with minimal alteration in serviced performance, whereas our Linux installation elected to service nearly all connections at the cost of introducing latency. However, prior to reaching capacity, our Linux server appeared on average to be capable of servicing connections at a slightly faster rate than our Windows server.

12 October 2006 20:30

Fronting Tomcat with Apache or IIS - Best practices

by holyver (via)
Running cluster of Tomcat servers behind the Web server can be demanding task if you wish to archive maximum performance and stability. This article describes best practices how to accomplish that.

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