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August 2013

TiConf Australia 2013 - the talk of Jeff Haynie

by Xavier Lacot
Some interesting insights on Ti.Next, the next version of the Titanium platform.

by Xavier Lacot
Such a great idea: deploy new versions of Titanium applications to users or testers without any user interaction.

July 2013

Alloy Love

by Xavier Lacot
A micro-site for all your alloy love - indeed a collection of useful libs and widgets when developing with titanium alloy.

June 2013

HAXM Speeds Up the Slow Android Emulator, Page 2 -

by Xavier Lacot
Tutorial on how to create a new Android Emulator using the x86 implementation

April 2013

February 2013

Creating Alloy Widgets

by Xavier Lacot
The talk of Martin Hudson about creating widgets in Titanium Alloy

January 2013

December 2012

appcelerator/titanium-code-processor · GitHub

by Xavier Lacot
A tool for analyzing JavaScript code in Titanium Mobile projects. It provide a wide variety of useful functionality: runtime error detection, Titanium API deprecation warnings, platform specific API validation, etc.

November 2012


by Xavier Lacot
A widget to implement a table pull-to-refresh header in Titanium Alloy


by Xavier Lacot
A Balsamiq mockups to Titanium Alloy XML templates converter

October 2012


by Xavier Lacot
A Titanium package manager, "à la" npm or Composer

Configuring a usable Android emulator - codebutler

by Xavier Lacot
A great explanation on how to make the android emulator a little bit faster. Or a little less sucking, a question of point of view!

June 2012

May 2012

Titanium Command Line Utility Specification

by Xavier Lacot
A specification for the Appcelerator Titanium command line utility - how it should work and how it should be designed

Comparing Titanium and PhoneGap

by Xavier Lacot
A long blog post by Kevin Whinnery, which explains how Titanium and Phonegap differ

quicktigame2d - 2D Game Engine Module for Titanium Mobile

by Xavier Lacot
QuickTiGame2d is a 2-dimensional game engine module for Titanium Mobile that provides quick and easy api to create casual 2d games on Titanium. It supports both iOS and Android.

April 2012

Titanium 2.0 Layout Changes - Documentation & Guides - Appcelerator Wiki

by Xavier Lacot
Some layout changes with Titanium 2.0 release... The "auto" attribute will behave differently from now on...

Titanium Mobile SDK 2.0.1 is available now « Appcelerator Developer Center

by Xavier Lacot
Titanium Mobile SDK 2.0.1 is now available. A major release adressing more than 700 issues, plus the apparition of the Integration with Appcelerator Cloud Services+

February 2012

mattapperson's gist: 1621570 — Gist

by Xavier Lacot
An android layout for having the tabs at the bottom of the screen. The ciontent of this file has to be put in platform/android/res/layout/titanium_tabgroup.xml

mattapperson/MakeTi at load_on_device - GitHub

by Xavier Lacot
A Titanium make, which helps deploying directly on the phone - without running an iTunes synchronzation

Drupanium | Drupal + Services + Titanium Studio

by Xavier Lacot
A Drupal distribution targeted at improving the developement of Titanium mobile applications

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