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Télécharger Cake Mania 3 - Arcade & Action - Big Fish Games

by ad34
Dans Cake Mania 3, Jill est confrontée à son plus grand défi. Alors qu'elle se prépare nerveusement pour son mariage, un désastre frappe sa famille et la téléporte dans le temps ! Pour que le plus beau jour de sa vie se passe sans accrocs, Jill doit voyager à travers différentes époques lointaines et concevoir ses délicieux gâteaux. Régalez une multitude de personnes afin d'obtenir le retour de Jill et celui de ses invités avant le début de la cérémonie !


Time Management Talk

by Spone
Time Management Randy Pausch Carnegie Mellon University


TimingAndEstimationPlugin - Trac Hacks - Plugins Macros etc. - Trac

by camel & 1 other
This is a plugin that adds (aspires to add) estimation and time tracking to Trac. This basically adds CustomFields and CustomReports and an interface for filling the dynamic variables for the report. (requires javascript).


The Ultimate Getting Things Done (GTD) Index

by gtdfrk
One page with all the (new) items from very many GTD blogs. Keep track of GTD news, software, tips & tricks, etc.


GTD Portal - This is the GTD Portal -- a resource ...

by maitrewong
This wiki is intended to be a portal to all the resources available to implement David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology

Mind Tools - Helping you to live an excellent life!

by maitrewong
Mind Tools Resources: articles et méthodes de gestion du temps, gestion du stress etc.

Get organized with GTDTiddlyWiki

by maitrewong
Everyone has to find their own killer personal organizational app, and for me, it's a single, free HTML document called GTDTiddlyWiki. The self-contained standalone mini-wiki is packed with features but it doesn't dictate how you work - it provides a canvas on which you can design your own process improvements and workflows.


by knann
Frantically managing and organizing homework is a waste of time. Instead of spending time trying to figure out what homework to do, let Gradefix do that for you. Simply add your homework tasks and Gradefix will work them into your schedule. The best students prepare for the insane school weeks far ahead of time. The Gradefix algorithm will automatically calculate how to balance your load and get everything done.


by manifesto2006
If you are willing to change your life with time management here is your chance, find out what these 10 world's greatest leaders are talking about time management skills...

A List Apart: Articles: The Four-Day Week Challenge

by benoit & 3 others
The more you work, the more you get done, right? Well, I’d like to encourage you to take the “Four-Day Challenge.”


Main Page - 43FoldersWiki

by maitrewong & 9 others
his is the wiki web for 43 Folders, which we`ve conceived as a place to explore and expand on the ideas discussed on the 43F site ( Popular topics on 43 Folders include:<br /> <br /> * productivity and time management practices<br /> * Macintosh OS X software<br /> * Life hacks and other smart heuristics<br /> * Cool tools and Productivity pr0n

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