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MapTiler - map overlay, cut map tiles for Google Maps, GIS layers and mobile apps – MapTiler

by Spone & 1 other
Go beyond Google Maps with your own maps Overlay any map and match coordinates



springmeyer / TileLite / wiki / Home —

by Spone (via)
Lightweight Python tile-server using Mapnik rendering and designed to serve tiles in the OSM (OpenStreetMap) scheme.

MapTiler - Map Tile Cutter. Overlay Generator for Google Maps, Google Earth (KML SuperOverlay).

by Spone & 2 others
MapTiler is graphical application for online map publishing. Your map can create overlay of standard maps like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Microsoft VirtualEarth or OpenStreetMap and can be also visualized in 3D form by Google Earth. Only thing you have to do for publishing the map is to upload the automatically generated directory with tiles into your webserver.

MapBox | creating custom maps in the cloud

by Spone & 6 others
MapBox is a suite of open source tools to create beautiful custom maps in Amazon's cloud.


Karen Mack Tiles

by shiny_sainy
Karen Mack Tiles strives to create distinctive custom tiles that cannot be purchased elsewhere. Useful as ceramic gift items, coasters, counter tops, wall covering, or as decorative accents. Karen works with interior designers and architects to create distinctive statements in artistic design.

Tiles - Tiles - Your complete tiles guide

by shiny_sainy
Looking for tiles? From ceramic floor tiles, to artistic wall tiles to tips on installing tile yourself; you'll find it here.

Bg Maker

by sunny & 52 others, 3 comments
Faire un fond répété en 10x10 rapidement grâce à cet outil rigolo


squidfingers / patterns

by cosyCloud & 44 others
very nice background/patterns for webpages or wallpaper

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