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by ycc2106
# Any Size (1024x1600 maximum) # Any Shape (Straight or rounded corners with custom radius) # Any Background Color (for non-transparent JPG or PNG8) # Borderless or bordered (custom border color) # Special effects (shadowed thumbs) # Private labeling (have your thumbs bear your logo) # Geo Location (display the country flag for website) # Any Format (JPG, PNG8 or fully transparent PNG 24)

Website thumbnails - WebThumb

by ycc2106 & 2 others
provides a white-label web service API for generating web thumbnails and full size snapshots of websites. WebThumb offers more features and quicker response times then any other service. * Real-time thumbnails * Flash 10 Support * PDF Support * Quick response times * REST API * API clients for PHP, Ruby, Python * Cache the thumbnails on your server or Webthumbs * Browser windows from 75x75 to 1280x2048

Super Screenshot!

by ycc2106
Enter a URL, and we'll give you a screenshot of the hole page (max medum size

thumbalizr - thumb your webpages

by ycc2106 & 1 other
what's the differece between screen and page? ..for a URL


Principe de fonctionnement de sCapture

by kalooni
Faire des captures d'écrans à la Blogmarks ... pas si simple ;)

Thumbzor - Miniature pour Annuaire

by Country
Ce site a pour but de mettre à disposition des impressions miniatures de sites web. Ces screenshots peuvent être utilisés par des annuaires de site internet ou sur vos pages de liens.

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