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The Alexander Wilson Project

by gregg
The Alexander Wilson Project is an interactive thriller for young adults and culture vultures of all ages. Containing ACTION, INTRIGUE and multiple WOW moments, this high impact cross-media film serial will be played en masse by an entire generation and talked about for years to come...



YouTube - "Thriller"

by fastclemmy
So much fun in the Philippines jails!

Michael Jackson

by michaeljack (via)
Michael Jackson, communauté française sur le roi de la pop. Venez discuter avec des fans du master of dance, de Michael jackson. Découvrez tout l'étendue du talent de Michael Jackson

Dario Argento's new movie: The Third Mother

by Elvezio
Everything you have to know about the third episode in the Maters storyline, after Suspiria and Inferno. Be prepared for Mater Lachrymarum!IT>ENG by google

A mess of an Hitcher

by Elvezio
Awful, totally awful remake of the cult classic The Hitcher. Negative review for this poor mess of a film.With Sean Bean instead than Rutger Hauer. IT>ENG by google

Half light is half a movie!

by Elvezio
Negative, really negative review for this boring supernatural thriller starring the still sexy Demi Moore.IT>ENG by google

Le Rituel Thot -polar ésotérique

by canette
De Los Angeles à l’abbaye de Boyle en Irlande, en passant par Paris avec une visite inédite de Notre-Dame, les bas-fonds d’Amsterdam et autres cryptes et lieux chargés d’histoire, nos héros entreprennent un parcours initiatique où il seront amenés à résoudre de nombreuses énigmes et à vivre des aventures où le lecteur est constamment tenu en haleine.


by Elvezio
English tourists get in the way of a gang of spanish child kidnappers At least that's what happens in great spanish flick The Backwoods, with gifted actor Gary Oldman. Check out the whole story! IT>ENG by Google.

Band of children from the sewer stalks and kills mother and her daughter.

by Elvezio
And that's only the beginning of what happens in ILS (THEM), a wonderfully crafted masterpiece of suspense and violent action. Lensed in Romania by some french filmakers, you can find it in any video store!IT>ENG by Google.

A serial killer of serial killers?

by Elvezio
Mixed reviews for "Suspect Zero" with Ben Kingsley and Carrie-Anne Moss.

Beware of old people in your house, they can leech you!

by Elvezio
That's what happens in The Glow, a clone-movie of Rosemary's Baby, with Portia De Rossi and Dean Cain. Mixed reviews for this supernatural thriller.IT>ENG


Short Stories -- The Welcome

by mcory1
A short story set in the fictional town of Laurie Falls, revolving around the strange occurances that welcome Rachel to her new home as she discovers that things aren't quite what they seem.

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