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TCM Acupuncture in Toronto

by SITAcupuncture
Sam, Ingrid & Ting Acupuncture Clinic is a specialist clinic for treatment of TCM acupuncture in Toronto. We offer holistic approach in acupuncture treatment which helps us in getting to the root of your problem. Our experienced practitioners carefully listens the problem and recommends the correct diagnosis according to problems of patients.


Sit Acupuncture: Registered Acupuncturist Toronto

by SITAcupuncture
Are you looking for registered acupuncturist in Toronto? SIT acupuncture is a specialist clinic for treatment of TCM acupuncture in Toronto. We offer holistic approach in acupuncture treatment, provided by registered acupuncturist.



Anger Management Group Therapy

by gringos (via)
Anger is a common emotional response on things. It happens to everyone, including you. But when your anger becomes so frequent that even the most usual things make you want to scream and release all the hell out of your mouth, then, you have to do something, my friend. You have to face your battle in keep your composure steady and make things normal to you again.



Physical Therapy Web Space

by jdoree
Physical therapy / physiotherapy site for physical therapists and non- physical therapists. Articles, journals, jobs, equipment, forum, schools, injuries and more...

Blogging For One

by bader (via)
A new study finds that blogs are more likely to deal with personal matters than politics or current events, and nearly 50% of bloggers see the activity as a form of therapy.

Learning more on Fundamental Art

by AkoZ°om
Yep it's on course, it's for some explanation on F-A. Let's it grow next , but any suggestions are welcomed, just try and keep it alive , that's the way for a next psycho-art ? abstract ? direct living art ?

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