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Winning executive resumes for IT & Life Sciences by professional ...

by jindagi
"Jean, you are a superstar and I want to thank you for all your help. ... memorable message that will give you the career mobility and mastery you desire. ...

Creative Job Search - Finishing Touches - Thank You Letters and Notes

by jindagi
... gain on-the-job recognition and foster career mobility. ... Thank you letters and notes should be standard tools in your job search. ...

Thank You Thank You Thank You

by jindagi
If you decide to become an Upward Career Mobility Member, I will GUARANTEE you in ... Sample Thank You Letter for Interview · Seven Key Personal Qualities ...

Tribute To Our Soldiers

by cflick
This really had an impact on me and I wanted to share it with you! Note: This video Im sharing I did not create it but it's something I think is important enough that I want to help the author show our respect to our soldiers! Authors Notes- EDIT: 7/23/06: This video gives new meaning to me, being that a person I have known for all my life, died july 21st, 2006 from injuries recieved atop his bradley fighting vehichle several days prior. He served in the Army and has been laid to rest in Arlington Cemetary. You served your country, family, and friends proudly. 5/11/06:: A quick little thing I put together at the last minute, so please do expect it to not flow smoothly.. thanks! best viewed if you dont make it full screen


The Morning News - How to Write a Thank-You Note, by Leslie Harpold

by isolabig & 3 others
ability to write proper thank-you notes. Can you offer me some guidelines? –Helen<br /> <br /> Answer: I was wondering when you were going to ask that question, and frankly, I’m a little disappointed it took you so long. Somewhere in between your mom making you sit down with your Peanuts® stationery and you shooting off an email, you completely lost touch with the concept of simple thank-you notes. Now that you’re a grown-up, an email just won’t do, and more is expected of you than scratching out ‘Thanks for the present, you rock!’

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