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by Ostrogo (via)
Thèmes de grande qualité pour Wordpress

WordPress Themes & Plugin Modification Guide

by simon_bricolo
Guide to easily modifying any WordPress theme or plugin to achieve the look you want using hacks, snippets, tricks, plugins, and workarounds.

15 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective WordPress Theming | Theme Lab

by simon_bricolo
Today I want to go over some of the do's and don'ts of WordPress theming. Regardless if you're building a WordPress theme for yourself or if you're building one

SimpleFolio: A Free Clean Portfolio WordPress Theme - Smashing Magazine

by simon_bricolo & 2 others
Today we are glad to release a beautiful, simple and clean portfolio WordPress theme — SimpleFolio, designed by Omar E. Corrales and released for Smashing...


GTD – private blog theme for teams to collaborate. | Templatic

by simon_bricolo
Earlier this week, we explained how How we used and modded P2 theme to enhance productivity at Templatic and many users really liked the concept of this private collaborating and requested us to release this theme. Well, here’s the free, improved version of the theme with theme admin options for you. If you are looking for [...]

A Comparison of 6 Popular WordPress Frameworks | Pro Blog Design

by simon_bricolo
Being that most of us are working against multiple deadlines at one time, we need to be able to save ourselves as much time and headache as possible, and help prevent ourselves from unnecessarily re-inventing the wheel. That is why frameworks are such a time and life saver in the development arena. (Actually, frameworks are simple time savers regardless of whether or not you are facing a deadline.) These standard code containing frames come with the basic ‘shelves’ that you need for your project, you just have to now fill these ‘shelves’ however you see fit…and possibly tweak some of their settings.

Chrommerce | Premium Mod

by simon_bricolo
Chrommerce = Chrome + E-Commerce, made from StudioPress’ Chrome with added E-Commerce capabilities using the WP E-Commerce plugin. View

Web Design WordPress function list

by simon_bricolo & 5 others
DBS > Interactive's Web Design department is proud to offer our Wordpress Function List to the community that has helped us serve our clients.

Definitive List of Free WordPress Theme Frameworks | W3Avenue

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
W3Avenue has compiled a list of free WordPress Theme Frameworks ranging from completely striped down themes to ready to use frameworks which require almost no programming to create customized look.

Build WordPress Sites Fast With the Thematic Theme Framework | Es Developed - Fresh Website and Graphic Design

by simon_bricolo
Learn how to design WordPress themes faster by harnessing the power of the Thematic theme framework and child themes. Thematic tutorials, code and more.

Refueled » Free WordPress Themes

by simon_bricolo
A blog about web design, technology and life, by Rodrigo Galindez.


ARTE 7 Accueil - ARTE 7

by fotopol
Accueuil de ARTE TV la chaine de Télévision

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