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Modulis Voip solutions Montreal - Asterisk consultants

by fredtb & 1 other
Modulis les experts voip à Montréal, solutions voip, consultants asterisk, ip pbx hébergé. Modulis propose ses solutions, applications, produits voip à Montréal et au Canada.


Skype 3.0 Beta

by amanzi
Skype recently released their latest beta version to interested testers. This release brings a few exciting features as well as interface improvements that makes the Skype window a lot cleaner and easier to use.


Microsoft and Cisco Team Up to Support VoIP

by teleclick
In an effort to make VoIP more accessible to the average user, Cisco and Microsoft have announced that they will be supporting the methodology of Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE), which allows for better communication between networks.

Samsung Introduces Mobile VoIP Application

by teleclick
Samsung has introduced its latest enterprise-level wireless application, called OfficeServ Wireless, which is designed to transfer voice data over a wireless VoIP connection.

Falcon Broadband to Launch G6-Powered VoIP Service

by teleclick
Colorado cable and wireless service provider, Falcon Broadband, has announced the pending release of a new VoIP service, which will run on the G6 Universal Media Gateway.

FCC Relaxes VoIP 911 Deadline

by teleclick
The American FCC has slightly relaxed their position on VoIP 911 emergency compliance rules, ruling that VoIP providers don’t have to cut off service to customers in areas that aren’t properly covered. They will not, however, be able to add any new customers in these areas until coverage is brought up to standard.

Free VoIP without the PC

by teleclick
Taiwan-based Accton Technology yesterday unveiled its new Skype-friendly Wi-Fi phone, called the SkyFone WM1185-T.

Another Free Internet Telephony Service Hits the Market

by teleclick
Telecommunications service provider, Yak Communications Inc. has made a deal with CounterPath Solutions, a premier provider of VoIP, SIP, and Instant Messaging services, allowing Yak to release a powerful new voice and video-enabled peer-to-peer VoIP network.

VoIP Risk Assessment Solution Launched

by teleclick
VoIPshield Systems Inc. has launched a new application to assess VoIP risk and vulnerability. This will allow organizations and corporate users to pinpoint and respond to threats before they affect the operations of IP telephony networks.

Skype Security Flaws Discovered

by teleclick
Skype has just issued security patches for two critical bugs involving their popular internet telephony software. The recently discovered bugs would have made it possible for hackers to run hostile code on computers running vulnerable versions of Skype.

Fraudulent Behavior the Biggest VoIP Security Threat

by teleclick
The VoIP Security Alliance (VoIPSA) has recently reported that the greatest threat to VoIP security is the growth of fraudulent and deceptive behavior around the technology.

Telephone Companies Attempting to Sabotage VoIP

by teleclick
A number of phone companies from around the world have recently taken the drastic step of blocking VoIP traffic from being transferred over their lines.

US Robotics Releases New USB Phone

by teleclick
Modem and networking market leader, US Robotics, has announced the shipment of its new USB Internet Phone, the USR9600. This is the company’s first VoIP hardware release, and the beginning of a major line of such products.

New Mobile VoIP Network Planned in Japan

by teleclick
Recent reports suggest that Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry is considering starting a government-sponsored mobile VoIP network.

Samsung Releases Enterprise-Class VoIP Application

by teleclick
Samsung has just introduced OfficeServ, a new wireless VoIP application, which provides support for numerous voice and data functions.

eBay Removes Skype Brand Name From Buttons

by teleclick
It appears that eBay has been making some questionable decisions regarding the future of the Skype internet telephony service, which they purchased last month for over $2 billion.

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