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by Spone
Because “imagine everyone's naked” is terrible advice Thoughts on public speaking by Zach Holman


KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, Orange County Public Radio

by cooleole
Orange County, California's public radio station, broadcasting from the University of California at Irvine... eclectic music and engaging talk.

Creating Alloy Widgets

by Xavier Lacot
The talk of Martin Hudson about creating widgets in Titanium Alloy



A PHP Christmas Miracle - 3 Frameworks, 1 app

by Xavier Lacot
A great presentation by Ryan Weaver, about how to take the best out of modern PHP frameworks. A nifty illustration of the usage of PSR-0...


by Xavier Lacot
Sozi is an Inkscape extension that can play animated presentations built with open standards


Lanyrd | the social conference directory

by ghis & 1 other
See what your friends are going to or speaking at, find conferences near you or browse conferences by topic.

PHP Performance

by Xavier Lacot
A great talk recently given by Rasmus Lerdorf at the "Hacker Dojo' in San Francisco. Lots of goods inside, particularly around the usage of Hiphop PHP.

Django Pour Les Fainéants

by ghis
Slogan: Travailler moins pour en faire plus!


Integrating symfony and Zend Framework (PHPBarcelona 2009)

by Xavier Lacot
The talk of Stefan about Integrating symfony and Zend Framework, during the PHPBarcelona Conference 2009

Carsonified » Start-up Metrics that Matter

by Xavier Lacot
A lot of excellent ideas on how to start a service ad measure its success.

Google I/O - OpenSocial in the Enterprise

by holyver (via)
In the year and half since OpenSocial's public launch, there are now over 700 million end users of OpenSocial applications across numerous social sites (containers) around the world. With OpenSocial's proven global success in traditional social applications, the enterprise software community has now begun to realize its potential and build innovative solutions that cater to the enterprise. Join us for a session centered on how the enterprise software development community is successfully bringing social concepts and technology into the enterprise. Key enterprise players will present and demonstrate how they've successfully used OpenSocial software to build new social solutions.

Tim Berners-Lee speaks on Linked Data (1)

by Xavier Lacot
Tim Berners-Lee's talk at TED 2009 conference slides, about Linked Data.

Performance Improvements in Browsers

by Xavier Lacot
A complete focus on web browser performance-related questions, from a lot of point of views : javascript, network, painting, caching, client-side database, etc.

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