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En vrac (17) - Linux attitude

by camel
Lire un fichier au fur et a mesure qu'il est complété (par exemple un fichier de log) : Compter les entrées d'un répertoire sans se planter avec les noms spéciaaux (espace ...) Transformer votre souris en souris pour gaucher : Supprimer les bips en bash : Transformer les bips en flash écran en bash : Retour au comportement par défaut : Faire apparaitre tous les core dump dans /tmp et non dans le cwd du processus :

Multitail, le tail ultime ?

by camel
C’est en parcourant le dernier numéro hors série de Linux Magazine que je suis tombé sur un article sur un outil qui peut changer la vie des administrateurs systèmes. Cet outil s’appelle Multitail et est présenté par son concepteur (Folker Van Heusden) comme un “tail sur stéroides”. Comme moi, vous devez avoir en permancence plusieurs “tail -f” lancée en // pour surveiller les logs de vos serveurs. Multitail propose de réunir toutes ces informations dans une seule et même fenêtre.

ctail project page

by lecyborg
ctail is like running tail -f, but can be used on multiple files. It uses the Curses library to split the screen into as many windows as there are files to watch. The size of each file's window can optionally be specified on the command line. Regular expressions can be used to display only lines matching (or not matching) arbitrary criteria. Each file's window has a status bar, showing the file name, date and time of last change and current file size.



by rike_ & 1 other
MultiTail lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail program. The difference is that it creates multiple windows on your console (with ncurses). It can also monitor wildcards: if another file matching the wildcard has a more recent modification date, it will automatically switch to that file. That way you can, for example, monitor a complete directory of files. Merging of 2 or even more logfiles is possible. It can also use colors while displaying the logfiles (through regular expressions), for faster recognition of what is important and what not. It can also filter lines (again with regular expressions). It has interactive menus for editing given regular expressions and deleting and adding windows. One can also have windows with the output of shell scripts and other software. When viewing the output of external software, MultiTail can mimic the functionality of tools like 'watch' and such.


by camel & 1 other
ctail is a tool for operating tail(1) across large clusters of machines, with many log files. It relies upon existing SSH authentication infrastructure, rather than introducing central points of log collection, or other large infrastructure changes, which aren't easily changed in many systems.


Shell Tips !» CLI workaround for Windows XP : Using TAIL

by orieg
Usefull workaround for missing tail command on windows XP. Good tips for windows admins.


cctg- 長尾理論 The Long Tail

by xhsieh2

Blog de Chris Anderson -The Long Tail

by Xavier & 2 others (via)
I'm Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired Magazine. I wrote The Long Tail, which first appeared in Wired in October 2004 and will become a book, published by Hyperion, in early 2006. The Long Tail is about how the mass market is turning into a million niches. The term refers to the yellow part of the sales chart at left, which shows a standard demand curve that could apply to any industry, from entertainment to services. The vertical axis is sales, the horizontal is products. The red part of the curve is the "hits", which have dominated our commercial decisions to date. The yellow part is the non-hits, or niches, which I argue in the article will prove equally important in the future now that technology has provided efficient ways to give consumers access to them thanks to the "infnite shelf-space effect" of new distribution mechanisms that break thought the bottlenecks of broadcast and traditional bricks and mortar.

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