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Blogasty devient tout propre et plus joli

by LuciferX
Bonjour à tous et toutes, arrivant en période de vacances et ayant à nouveau du temps libre pour m'occuper de mes différents projets personnels, me revoici avec plein de bonnes idées. Sachant que pas mal d'entre vous arrive sur ce blog via le Digg Like Blogasty, j'ai décidé de concocté un nouveau thème avec Stylish pour ce dernier...



Cambiare il cursore a seconda del tipo di file a cui punta il link

by gialloporpora
Vediamo come modificare il cursore quando il mouse passa sopra a dei link a seconda del tipo di file a cui punta il link.

Larghezza finestra Proprietà immagini

by gialloporpora
In Firefox, quando si accede alla finestra di dialogo che mostra le informazioni relative ad un'immagine succede spesso che l'url dell'immagine sia "tagliato" perchè troppo lungo rispetto alla larghezza della finestra di dialogo, per risolvere, aggiunger

Mostrare la Barra delle schede sul fondo

by gialloporpora
Per spostare la Barra delle schede in basso (sopra la barra di stato), inserire il seguente codice nel file userChrome.css:

Stay Stylish this Winter with Fur Hats

by crystalmood
It is likely that your old winter wear is out of date and getting old, so why not treat yourself this winter season with something new, fashionable, and exiting like fur hats. A new fur hat is a great way to complement, add style, and make an otherwise dreary winter season seem so much better. Fur hats come in many different styles and colors. Look stylish in blue, purple, white, pink, or even leopard print.


by pionsat
ShareYourLook is an online community for fashion addicts, trendsetters, shoppers, and designers from around the world to share looks and ideas about personal style. See how people in Tokyo, Stockholm, or Idaho are putting their own spin on the latest trends. Discover what men and women in London and New York are coveting this season. Best of all, discover how other people’s style can influence your look. ShareYourLook is designed to inspire and inform, so we encourage helpful comments and thoughtful critiques. Now go ahead, post your looks and let the world see your style!

Genterist - Male Fashion

by genterist
Genterist - male fashion is the center of quality posts about how to dress nicely, manly, sexy and elegant. JUST for MEN

Genterist - Fashion Alert

by genterist
Genterist Fashion will give you alerts on letest fashion trends and fabulous fashion work.

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