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Mathematical Art

by fotopol
Art Mathématique, une approche vers l'infini, des images stupéfiantes.


Strange Attractors Unravel sortie de secours

by fotopol
Etranges attracteurs, sculptures virtuelles ou réelles d'images fractales crées avec le fameux logiciel CHAOSCOPE

Sophie Thouvenin - Photographies Macros - fleurs - abstractions - yeux - chats

by fotopol
Photographies de Sophie Thouvenin, images très intéressantes, recherches, macro,portraits, Polaroîd,structures



The Buckminster Fuller Institute: BFI Forums: The Buckminster Fuller Institute Discussion Forums - Buckminster Fuller Discussion Forums - Design Science Discussion Forums

by macroron
understanding how our on-line community works both technically and socially. - share your thoughts, experiences and opinions about Buckminster Fuller himself. - your ideas and experiences of geodesic structures.

world shelters emergency shelters

by macroron
designs, produces, and delivers temporary and permanent structures for both emergency response and long-term humanitarian needs. our low-cost, durable structures can be easily assembled in a variety of configurations to support the needs of afflicted

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