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The Standing March

by gregg
Artist JR and filmmaker Darren Aronofsky collaborate on a major public artwork for the UN Climate Conference in Paris


by gregg
Brandalism returns with 600 ad takeovers for the UN climate talks in Paris.


Google Night Walk

by gregg & 1 other
Promenade nocturne à Marseille, cours julien, street art


SpY, home

by gregg
SpY is an urban artist whose first endeavors date back to the mid-eighties. Shortly after, already a national reference as a graffiti artist, he started to explore other forms of artistic communication in the street.


Leanne Bentley - Take Shape 2012 - Kingston University Graphic Design

by gregg
Commemorate: A typographic hoarding device used to protect a closed down building. The hoarding acts as a forum for the local community to share their memories of the building at it's former glory.


by gregg
Luzinterruptus is an anonymous artistic group in Madrid who seek to highlight problems within the city using a wide variety of temporary light-based installations. The group is headed up by a duo including an artist and a photographer who have been using their art to create awareness of social and environmental issues since 2008.

Défense d'afficher

by gregg & 2 others, 2 comments
Un webdocumentaire pour découvrir ce que le street art raconte du monde. Produit par @CameraTalkProd et @La_MDD. Coproduit par France Télévisions.



Street art: 85 images pour voyageurs urbains » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism

by gregg
Le street art est protéiforme, il s’immisce dans les interstices de nos villes et raconte de nouvelles histoires. Politique, décalé, drôle, étrange, naïf… impossible de l’enfermer dans une case. Libre et souvent illégal, il reste en mouvement, comme les flux qui traversent nos cités. Petit tour d’horizon en 85 images saisies tout autour du globe.


UK Street Art x Banksy vs Bristol Museum | Gallery, videos and reviews

by gregg
UK Street Art made the journey to Bristol and we were blown away so much by the exhibition that we decided to pop up our own microsite dedicated to such a fantastic artist. You can find articles, videos and a near complete photo gallery of the exhibition. This one will go down in history...


[ 42x60 ] art contemporain

by vodkacoca
[ 42x60 ], c’est l’espace de visibilité proposé à un artiste dans un cadre urbain pour y exposer une œuvre originale. ---- [42x60] is the standard size used propose to an artist to create an original work to be exposed in an urban environment. Programmation Carole Chichet & Malvina Silberman.


Graffiti Research Lab

by vodkacoca
Dedicated to outfiting graffiti artists with open source technologies for urban communication

-= proddomo =-

by vodkacoca
Agence de communication spécialisée en arts urbains à l'initiative d'Emmanuel de Brantes et Domoina Ranoro. Avec Babou, G, Jaya, Jean Faucheur, L'Atlas, Sich, Sun7, Tancome, Teurk, Yaze, Zevs &+



Pictures On Walls

by vodkacoca & 3 others
Banksy, Jamie Hewlett, 3D, Faile, Mode 2...

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