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Breakdown: Social Media Workflow, Process, Triage

by Teulliac (via)
Definition:  A Social Media Workflow, Process, or Triage is a sequence of connected steps that enables the entire organization to act efficiently with minimal overlapping tasks and resources in order to serve the market in social channels and beyond.

3 Little-Known Social Media Misconceptions that Can Destroy Your Marketing Strategy

by Teulliac
Success in social media has more to do with the underlying principles, and less with the visible tools or tactics used. So it's easy to get the wrong idea or impression being on the outside, looking in. But the problem with misconceptions is that they give you a false belief, and waste your resources. Instead, your limited time, energy and money should have been spent on other methods. Here are 3 social media misconceptions that can destroy your marketing strategy.

A non-responsive approach to building cross-device webapps - HTML5 Rocks

by fastclemmy & 3 others
Here’s a compromise: classify devices into categories, and design the best possible experience for each category. What categories you choose depend on your product and target user.

3 Social Media Models That Will Guide Your Brand Into The Conversation Landscape

by Teulliac (via)
Think social media and conversational marketing might be the next train to heaven for your brand but don’t know where to board? Well, here’s three social media marketing models that will make sure you’ll find your station.


Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook’s aggressive social strategy

by kiad
When a Facebook executive recognize their goal is not to expand the social graph.


Shattered Colony - tower defense game

by axlarry (via)
Awesome tower defense game! Build towers, collect and manage resources to expand and destroy zombies.

:ratio | user experience architects

by simon_bricolo
We help you create intuitive websites or applications and craft enjoyable experiences for your users. Based in Switzerland, we are a small and agile user experience agency. We are passionate about Information Architecture, Usability and Interface Design.


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