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by Whiz (via)
Yea, its weakipedia. NO one uses it. Mostly irrelevant info. But, they do have one OFFICIAL listing for "The WHIZ! Hey, the search engines are designed to give you the most relevant site according to the dollar amount not the site your searching for!

Everyone Needs A Car Crash

by GorillaSushi
As I turned left, I noticed the grill and bumper of a large red Bronco moving at 50 mph, pointed squarely at my passenger window and only feet away. It seemed to pause for a moment, pondering the possibility of passing through my car like a grinning apparition.

Video history of Glasgow and the River Clyde

by Websensible (via)
The Clyde Waterfront website features a video gallery section with many clips of movies made about Glasgow and the River Clyde from modern day all the way back to 1939. This archive footage tells the story of Glasgow, the history of the Clyde and the once great shipbuilding industry.


Short Stories -- The Welcome

by mcory1
A short story set in the fictional town of Laurie Falls, revolving around the strange occurances that welcome Rachel to her new home as she discovers that things aren't quite what they seem.

Book Central E Ebook Ebook Ebook

by dcdad5
"Jason Seeley's War" is centered in the heart of a small American town where two youth are deeply in love, and have been since high-school


by maxjhuang & 5 others
Techmeme gets the story no matter where it appears, and often days before it hits major sites. Coverage is driven by a mix of industry insiders, passionate independents, and established journalists. Article Directory

by casper
Free articles for public usage, excellent stock of articles. - Your source for inspirational poems, movies, screensavers and more

by 7inspirations publishes award-winning inspirational screensavers and Flash movies along with famous poems, hymns and music for Christian audiences.

a true love story

by maxandcha
understand what is a true love story

a true love story

by maxandcha
understand what is a true love story and learn to be good

by dpansu (via)
Histoire de la réussite Kelkoo

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