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🛠 COVID19 - "KesKejePeuxFaire... J'saisPasKoiFaire" - Des Artistes BD à la manoeuvre : Dessins, jeux, coloriages : les réponses des auteurs au confinement

by decembre
Si t'as des enfants, occupe-toi s'en en t'amusant... Si t'en a pas , amuse toi toi même, héhéhé. Pour nous y aider, Riad Sattouf, Lewis Trondheim, Pénélope Bagieu sont à la manœuvre: C'est du bon, de l'insolant, du KiDécoiffe. Et oubliez: "KesKejePeuxFaire... J'saisPasKoiFaire" Comme l'ensemble des Français, les auteurs, illustrateurs, coloristes, traducteurs sont confrontés aux mesures de confinement pour lutter contre la propagation du coronavirus. Si l'on imagine assez aisément les personnes exerçant des métiers créatifs profiter des prochaines semaines pour travailler, les difficultés inhérentes au confinement les concernent aussi. Des solutions se présentent, des propositions sont lancées, partagées avec les internautes. Petit tour d'horizon, non exhaustif.


Snap Kit

by srcmax
Snap Kit lets developers like you integrate some of Snapchat’s best features across your platform — and lets your community share their favorite moments from your app with their friends, and Snapchatters across the world!




by 4004 (via)
The ten best stories on the things you care about. Everyday.

PwC. The right people to get the extraordinary done.

by manu & 2 others
With the right team working with your business, truly extraordinary things can happen, whether it’s helping a domestic airline fly internationally or a major research hospital innovate new ways to combat diseases. From advisory services to assurance, PwC gets the extraordinary done.




Batman R.I.P

by alamat (via)
Grant Morrison may be the most polarizing of comic book writers out there today. Depending on who you ask, he’s can be either revered as the savior of X-Men comics (with his early 00s New X-Men run), or demonized as the destroyer of quality X-Men comics. His stories are always deep, complex, psychedelic, and sometimes too smart for their own good. And that was before Grant admittedly totally changed the way he writes his comics’ narratives.


Clients From Hell

by stoneland & 2 others
A collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers.

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