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mitsuru koga

by 4004
stone works / vases


You don't mess with The Colbert, Oliver Stone

by bouilloire
C'est rare de rire autant dans ce segment là de l'émission, là c'est mythique :)

Knowing the Different Cuts for Jewelry Diamonds

by amie_t
Mixed cuts for jewelry diamonds are typically a mixture of brilliant and step cuts. The crown or top piece of a gemstone will look like a brilliant cut while the pavilion or bottom piece of a gemstone will be given a step cut.



Low Prices Of Stone Water Fountains

by javacrafts
Indonesian stone water fountais manufacturer

Decor Stacked Stone Walls

by decor & 1 other
Stacked stone is used in garden designs and to create stacked stone retaining walls as attractive features.

Stone Circles, Bronze Age

by truthhere
This site is dedicated to the Neolithic to early Roman period in the UK, but not restricted to that period. It's focus is the Neolithic and Bronze Ages although where there are particular 'out-of-time' items of interest I have included them too - such as the Zennor Mermaid. This site contains many pictures on each page. All efforts were made to keep the file sizes down but if you are using a modem you should be prepared for the usual download times. Pictures are typically about 20KB size. (If you would like a full colour photograph these are available for purchase - please contact me). Read Introduction

The Prehistoric Society

by truthhere
Originally founded as the Prehistoric Society of East Anglia in 1908, the current name was established in 1935. The Prehistoric Society now has an international membership of around 2000 members. The Prehistoric Society's interests are world wide and extend from the earliest human origins to the emergence of written records. Membership is open to all, and includes professional, amateur, student and retired members from over 40 countries. An active programme of events including lectures, study tours, research weekends and receptions allows members to participate fully in the Society and to meet other members and interested parties. The Society produces two publications: the annual journal, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society and the topical newsletter, PAST , which is published in April, July and November. Both are included with most categories of membership Annual Research, Conference and Student Travel Awards are available to members to enable excavations, research, visits to conferences and travel abroad to sites and museums.

The Modern Antiquarian

by truthhere
Welcome to The Modern Antiquarian website, based on Julian Cope's epic guidebook of the same name. Since launching in March 2000ce, the site has grown to be a massive resource for news, information, images, folklore & weblinks on the ancient sites across the UK & Ireland, thanks to the remarkable efforts of all those who contribute.

English building company specialising in restoring old houses

by beato
A shropshire based company specialising in restoring old country houses, using specialist stonework, lime plaster finishes, oak frame carpentry


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