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October 2007


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November 2006

you want to know how you can help?

by blackgoldfish
" Take a moment to write an email, (a mass bccd email is fine), to the nations that are expected to abstain or vote down the resolution, asking them to vote yes. Mention the human rights numbers in North Korea, mention that the DPRK has been completely uncooperative in efforts by UN investigators to verify human rights claims in the nation. Most of all, stress that neutrality in times of moral crisis is tantamount to siding with the aggressors- in this case, silence on the issue of North Korean human rights is the same as condoning violations. ("

August 2006

silence is no longer an option

by blackgoldfish
"can you hear their dying pleas?" *** "some of those images are so horrifying that you want to believe that they aren't real. some of them are so horrifying that you almost doubt they are even real. it's strange that we choose to see what we want to see. like i told you before, we have an obligation to know who we are, where we are, and what we can do. we have an obligation to understand the ramifications of things we do, and more importantly, the things we don't do...especially when our eyes are wide open."

and to think..

by blackgoldfish
"things aren't really that bad"

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