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07 January 2006

06 January 2006

03 January 2006

MSN Sandbox

by macroron & 9 others
This is the place to play with new MSN technologies, look at prototypes, and peek behind the scenes at some of our new ideas.

Welcome to Netvibes! - your personalized browser start page,

by macroron & 397 others
you can now modify everything: move modules, add new RSS/ATOM feeds, change the parameters for each module, etc. Your modifications are saved in real-time and you'll find your page when you get back on If you want to be able to access your p

26 December 2005

Google Widget Directory - Google Module Directory (Unofficial) - Learn how to install a Google Homepage Module that is inline.

by macroron
a directory of Google Homepage Modules. We prefer the name widget as you can probably tell. In the future we plan to expand the directory to be able to handle other plugins from other sites, which is why we use the name widget.

22 December 2005

21 December 2005

20 December 2005

14 December 2005

Google Homepage API - Developer Guide

by macroron & 3 others
to create modules (mini-applications) that users can add to their Google personalized homepages. The API is designed to be simple enough that anyone can turn his or her web page or application into a module.

05 December 2005

Protopage Blog

by macroron & 1 other
personalized news + sticky notes + bookmarks, all on one page. free AJAX start pages now with RSS news feeds, sticky notes and bookmarks

15 November 2005

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