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Spotlight on Advanced: Student's Book | Learning English Together

by tadeufilippini
Spotlight on Advanced is a comprehensive course that has been revised to be in line with the new Cambridge English exam specifications for January 2015. It prepares adults and younger learners to excel in the revised exam. An exciting new feature of this revised edition is the Ideas Generator. Test takers need to generate ideas to pass the Speaking and Writing papers of the exam. The Ideas Generator uses National Geographic videos to stimulate students' interest in common exam topics, help them build ideas about these topics and gather the language they need to effectively write or speak about them. After each video lesson students will have a bank of ideas, functional language and vocabulary tied to eight topics that commonly appear in the exam. One of the most difficult parts of the exam for students is the Speaking Test. The Speaking Test videos and worksheets will prepare students by getting them to engage with simulations of all four parts of the Speaking test




Recherchez vos documents Google Documents sur votre Mac avec Spotlight

by kasi77 & 3 others
Vous possédez un Mac et vous utilisez Google Document. Voici une application qui vous permettra de rechercher des documents et signets présents sur votre compte Google en utilisant Spotlight. Cette utilitaire se nomme Precipitate, il a été développé par Stuart Morgan de chez Google.


林信行の「Leopard」に続く道 第7回:Macを新時代へといざなうOS——「Leopard」が変える未来 (1/4) - ITmedia D PC USER

by kuroyagi

N.E.R.D.: How to turn Spotlight OFF (and ON Again)....

by pyros
sudo chmod 0000 /System/Library/CoreServices/Search.bundle

MacFUSE - Google Code

by marco & 5 others
Besides making many existing FUSE file systems available on Mac OS X, MacFUSE opens up a whole new set of opportunities for Macintosh developers, who can now put intuitive and innovative interfaces around all kinds of information.



by kasi77 (via)
Observes filesystem changes using the same underlying API as Spotlight. Provides a graphical representation of the file activity. Example use could be to determine what files are changed via software installation, preferences, etc. Requires admin access & will only work on Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger".

NeoLight - NeoWiki

by fakechris
neooffice spotlight plugin installation

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