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Athletics Hammer & Accessories

by VinexShop (via)
Buy Athletics Hammer & Accessories Online at Highly Discounted Price in India. We are offering a Wide Range of IAAF Approved / Specified Athletics Hammer & Accessories like Hammer Throw, Hammer Handles, Hammer Gloves, Throwing Hammer Chain and much more.


GameSetMap | A blog about maps about tennis. Rethinking Sports Analytics for tennis.

by sbrothier
GameSetMap is a blog about maps and tennis. In this blog I visually explore and spatially analyze tennis match data to better understand the results and actions during tennis matches. Spatial analytics is reasonably new to tennis, and I hope this blog encourages more when and where statistics about the great game of tennis!

Nike's New LED Basketball Court in Shanghai | CreativeHunt

by sbrothier
Nike and AKQA built this ultra-flashy LED basketball court with motion sensors that track players' movements. It's called the "House of Mamba", named after Kobe Bryant, and it is the future.

Schiller Explore the Blue Planet | Schiller Bikes

by sbrothier
With nearly one billion bikes around the world, Schiller was founded on the daring belief that people should be able to bike across a planet that is two thirds water. Schiller Bikes is singularly focused on the epic rides, trailblazing voyages and incredible sights to be seen and shared while biking across waterways everywhere.

The Best Hunting Accessories

by ch0wk1ng
Having a rifle, knife, utility jacket and a hat when hunting a big game outdoors isn't enough anymore. Today with these 5 amazing tools, you will be able to hunt more efficiently.

How to Catch White Bass and Shads

by ch0wk1ng
Learn how to catch the elusive white bass and its smaller cousin, the shad in one of Pursuit Channel's shows about sportsman fishing.

Is Airgun Hunting Ethical?

by ch0wk1ng
A short discussion about questioning the morality of using airguns in harvesting game.

Meet AirDog, An Action Sports Drone For Your GoPro Camera | TechCrunch

by sbrothier
The problem Latvian startup Helico Aerospace Industries has set out to solve is most homemade action sports videos rely on a camera, such as the GoPro, being strapped on your person or action sports equipment, providing mostly a POV shot only. But, with drone technology, it could be possible to democratise the kind of aerial videos previously the domain of expensive, professional shoots only.

Wim Hof World Record Breaker Trains Others On His Mental Method

by sbrothier
A dilapidated farmhouse in the Polish countryside creaks and groans on its foundation as six men hyperventilate inside one of its frigid rooms. The windows are caked with frost and snow piles up outside the front door. Wim Hof surveys his students with stern blue eyes as he counts their breaths. They are lying in sleeping bags and covered in blankets. Every breath they expel appears as a tiny puff of mist as the heat of their bodies crystallizes in the near-arctic air. When the students are bleached white from exhaustion, Hof commands them to let all the air out of their lungs and hold their breath until their bodies shake and shudder. I exhale all my breath into the frigid air. “Fainting is okay,” he says. “It just means you went deep.”


Eephus League Magazine

by sbrothier & 1 other
"It isn't over till it's over"

Olympukes - Desktop font « MyFonts

by sbrothier
Olympukes is a collection of 52 icons depicting the true spirit of the Olympics. This pictogram font is offered free for personal use only and will be released on 13th of August, the occasion of the Athens Olympics 2004.

Red Bull X Shazam | Collaboration

by sbrothier
Pendant la diffusion du programme, ces derniers devaient utiliser leur appli au moment où le logo Shazam apparaissait à l’écran. Ainsi, ils pouvaient, en simultané, apprécier le ride de snowboard sur leur TV et suivre en camera embarquée la descente du rider sur leur mobile.


Sports News, Scores and Fan Opinion Powered by 310 Sports Blogs

by sbrothier
A media company driven by talent, technology, and design. We empower writers and their communities with exceptional product technology. New media is a new craft that requires a new kind of talent. So we're reinventing the media model with profitable, high-quality, innovative coverage from passionate, talented creators.

Brand New: It’s a Sports Nation, we are only Living in it

by sbrothier
Launched in 2004, SB Nation (short for Sports Blog Nation) is a massive network of more than 300 blogs run by paid sports writers-slash-fans. Combined, SB Nation pulls in 100 million pageviews a month through 20 million unique visitors, 80% of them dudes. While there is a mothership blog that covers sports in general, SB Nation’s real appeal are its local and team blogs, dedicated to the micro concerns of fans in different cities and for specific sports and teams, i.e., there is SB Nation Chicago for all of its citizens but there is also Bleed Cubbie Blue for the MLB’s Cubs, Windy City Gridiron for the NFL’s Bears, and Blog a Bull for the NBA’s Bulls. Over the years, each blog has been given free reign to design its own logo based on its own puny, insider-ey name — the result has been humorous yet mostly crummy, rectangular pieces of artwork. Earlier this month, in preparation for a relaunch of the look and functionality of its blogs, SB Nation introduced new logos for ALL blogs through a unified approach, designed by London-based Fraser Davidson. ALL of them, designed by Fraser Davidson. 300-plus.


Tomasz Gudzowaty

by sbrothier
Tomasz Gudzowaty est né en 1971. Il est diplômé en droit à l’Université de Varsovie. Il s’intéresse particulièrement à la photographie humaniste et à la forme classique de l’essai photographique réalisé en noir et blanc. Au début de sa carrière, il réalisait surtout des photos de nature auxquelles il doit ses premiers succès internationaux. Ensuite, il s’est tourné vers le reportage social. Depuis quelques années, il se concentre sur la photographie sportive.

TuneIn: Listen to (50,000) Online Radio, Music and Talk Stations

by garret & 3 others
"an app that will let you listen to any streaming radio station: TuneIn Radio, powered by It allows you to record, pause & rewind streams, view cover art & artist info. And it's available for iPhone, Android, Palm and Blackberry!" []


2010 Tour de France

by sbrothier & 1 other
Self-initiated information graphics visualizing the 2010 Tour de France

Suigen Dojo

by sbrothier
Cours tous les jeudis au Suigen Dojo de 19 h à 20 h 30 à la Salle de sports du Petit Houx à Azé, Loir et Cher (41100). Le Suigen Dojo est affilié à la Fédération Française de Battodo. L’enseignement au sein de la Fédération Française de Batto do provient de la transmission faite par 2 remarquables sensei (maîtres) japonais à Bernard Durand Sensei (7e dan kyoshi de kendo, 7e dan de batto do, 5 dan de iaido) fondateur de la Fédération Française de Batto do

Jeux de Montréal

by eclipse-lechat
Inspirés par les Jeux olympiques d’été de 1976, les Jeux de Montréal ont été tenus pour la première fois en 1978. Leur principal objectif est de faire vivre, aux jeunes Montréalais âgés de 6 à 12 ans, une première expérience de la compétition dans des installations de haut niveau tout en les sensibilisant aux bienfaits de l’activité physique.

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