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SoulPancake | Chew On Life's Big Questions

by Sarcomical
founded in part by Rainn Wilson (a.k.a. Dwight from The Office), this site challenges us to participate in open, non-judgmental discussion about religion in order to get us back to actively thinking in today's world about what our spirituality means to us.


Spiritual symbolism in the work of Jack Kirby

by everyueveryme
Jack Kirby, ackowledged as the most prolific and dynamic comic artist of all time, was asked how he managed to come up with the idea of some of his more unusual characters.

Astral Projection

by belebay
Great New Scientific Breakthrough Makes Astral Projection a Reality In Hours Not Years!

by dedroidify
Featuring over 100 short and to-the-point articles about: consciousness, philosophy, reality, spirituality, conscious evolution, history, psychology, politics, conspiracy, social commentary and more! Also includes a page with a huge collection of streaming vids on the same topics.

Dedroidify Streaming Vids

by dedroidify
My huge collection of streaming video documentaries, interviews and lectures with the categories Consciousness, Enlightening Comedy, Mystery History, Many Bloodsucking Insects (Poli-Tics) & Conspiracy, UFO & NASA (Never A Straight Answer), Science & Free Energy, Lectures and Music Videos. Moved to a new website and no more (untagged) broken links :) Spread the word! Don't get bored - get enlightened!


by CyberRev
A Christian website of truth or dare. One of the most controversial, investigative, religious, biblical websites on the Internet. A great site for DEEP research or the spiritual seeker of truth or lie.

Dedroidification - Mind Expanding Mission

by awareness
A great mind expanding site dealing with a range of topics, features over 100 articles and includes a page with a huge collection of streaming videos of the same content.


Indigo Society

by dfischer
The Online Community for Indigo's and Spiritualists. Interact, read, and post, about Indigo Children, Adults, and the whole New Age generation.

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