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December 2009

underlying beauty

by blackgoldfish
"* Enjoying the feeling of relief when some things are over and you made it through."

November 2009

monday note

by blackgoldfish
every monday for the last year my love has written me a special note. i laid them all out on the floor tonight and read them all again. and then i realized... every monday, for the rest of my life, i'm going to wake up excited to read his note. and if we're lucky, and we live for another 50+ years, i'll be the receiver of over two thousand love notes. not bad huh? :) i think i'll keep him.

moments & memories

by blackgoldfish
""she held dear her collection of moments and memories." how true it is. our lives are a patchwork of moments....."

abc card

by blackgoldfish
We have a birthday tradition in our family we’ve been doing since we were kids. We go around the dinner table and each person takes a letter of the alphabet, and we say something nice about the birthday girl/boy. A is for Artistic! B is for the Beautiful! We go around and around the table until we get to Z

October 2009

lists i keep but do not write

by blackgoldfish
{ my keeping lists: tea + checked out library book slips}

wedding ring

by blackgoldfish
Finally, jewelry designer Blanca Monros Gomez handmade our rings in her Brooklyn studio. (Read the full story here.) My ring has the engraving, "All my love," and Alex's ring says, "All my life."

August 2009

once more, with feeling

by blackgoldfish
"love how time seems to move differently at the beach. how i can sit on the beach for hours and the day seems to melt by like honey. how i can spend an entire day looking out over that ocean, laying in that sand, eating sandwiches smushed from the cooler, painting, swimming, gathering rocks (don't get me started on the beach rocks!), walking, talking, napping, reading, looking out at the ocean some more, and suddenly the sun is starting to set and the day has gone by in what feels like an instant. i love that. all of it."

ode to friday

by blackgoldfish
i love you because you are the day that simon drives me to work. (and the day he buys me a scone, too. ) i love you because a fine glass of wine or cold beer awaits me after work. i love you because you are the day that new illustrations are posted here. i love you because you remind me to turn off my iphone, shut down my laptop, and just be.

On taking the next step

by blackgoldfish
There is so much about this crazy life to be grateful for. So much goodness. So much support. So much love. Even when the steps take great effort, and the breath is labored, there is beauty unfolding. In shadow and in light.

a year of lex

by blackgoldfish
"congrats for the first trip around sun"

July 2009

message in a bottle « unruly things

by blackgoldfish (via)
how cute would these be as favors at a wedding, stuffed with cute little notes for each guest. I’m putting this one down in my wedding idea book.

decor8 » Blog Archive » Photographer Petra Bindel

by blackgoldfish (via)
Here’s another glossy white table with mismatched seating in white and wood tones.

Grow dark.

by blackgoldfish
It is said that one operates and likes best the time that they were born. For me, at least, this is true.

SO cute...

by blackgoldfish
...engagement shots by Stephanie Williams for Next Exit...

June 2009