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April 2007

Never is a Promise -- Fiona Apple

by blackgoldfish
"You’ll say you understand, you’ll never understand I’ll say I’ll never wake up knowing how or why I don’t know what to believe in, you don’t know who I am You’ll say I need appeasing when I start to cry But never is a promise and I’ll never need a lie"


by blackgoldfish

March 2007

Loved this.

by blackgoldfish
"It's been so long since I picked up a pen and wrote more than everyday necessities: a grocery list or a phone number. But something about this place, authors alive and breathing within its walls, reminds me that I am writing because I must, because it is how I am supposed to experience the world. And if my words never glimmer longer than a moment, it doesn't matter. Because in that moment I am living and my words are lighting my jouney."

February 2007

December 2006

counting blessings

by blackgoldfish
"So hug your families. Have patience with your relatives. Give a little compassion and understanding. And have a very wonderfulThanksgiving."