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September 2008

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by blackgoldfish (via)
inspired by industrial letter signs, multi colored text, and everyday sayings... we made our own marquee sign out of wood. now the fun part begins, we want to collect your messages to post on the sign. we're not looking for insightful proverbs, but rather ordinary, simple sentiments. some of the great ideas: # You are loved. # you make my heart go boom boom boom. # I wish I was a dinosaur! # you're gonna make it after all

May 2008

August 2007


by blackgoldfish
我當時的樣子是這樣的... ... 呆了五秒鐘... ... 然後叫:「你仲記得我腫咗呀?!」 妹妹:「係呀,你打電話講你腫咗.... (審視我的眼睛)... 你而家無事啦?」

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