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November 2006

Wink | The Social Search Engine | Bookmark - Tag - Rate

by cascamorto & 25 others
Search social networks for interests, locations, screen names, names, anything! Today, they rolled out another new element: a people search engine for Bebo, MySpace and LinkedIn - it appears under the People tab on the homepage. Wink are doing a complete crawl of these sites, allowing you to find people based on their name, username, location, interests and more. You can also narrow by network, gender, age and whether they’re single or taken. Tracking down your latest crush will likely be one use for this type of search engine - the folks at Bigulo, a Bebo search engine based in Ireland,

December 2005


by cascamorto & 62 others
StumbleUpon lets you search, browse, review and share great sites. Join now to discover interesting new pages and the people who like them.

November 2005

by cascamorto & 192 others (via)
Ever since we started the Music Genome Project, our friends would ask: Can you help me discover more music that I'll like? Those questions often evolved into great conversations. Each friend told us their favorite artists and songs, explored the music we suggested, gave us feedback, and we in turn made new suggestions. Everybody started joking that we were now their personal DJs. We created Pandora so that we can have that same kind of conversation with you.

TagWorld: My Home Page

by cascamorto & 1 other (via)
Combining the power of people, photos, blogs, tagging and storage in a single free and easy to use online-service

October 2005


by cascamorto (via)
Pixsy is a image and video search engine which is different in that it scours blogs, social networks and the sort exclusively.

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