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6 Ways to Market on Facebook » The Bivings Report

by lukeslytalker
From a promotion point of view, the Facebook news feed is a great channel for others to advertise a person’s or organization’s cause. As Facebook denizens interact with such entities, the news feed can broadcast such action to their friends...

Lijit: crea un motore di ricerca per il tuo social network

by ldcorsari
Lijit è un innovativo servizio per la ricerca di informazioni. Tale servizio introduce un nuovo tipo di approccio alla ricerca che viene definito “Personal Network Search”: si tratta di un approccio verticale alla ricerca basato su di un avanguardistico concetto di aggregazione di contenuti. Utilizzando Lijit, chiunque può creare la propria rete di contenuti aggregati sui quali implementare il proprio motore di ricerca.

by Sueblimely & 1 other
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WPP in Venture with Social-Networking Service LiveWorld

by bluexmass
WPP and social-networking service LiveWorld have formed a joint venture to provide online community and social networking services - blogs, buddy lists, message boards, chat rooms and community sites - to major brands worldwide through WPP's global networ

How to Advertise on Social Networking Sites

by bluexmass
If I know that my buddy is on the market for a new car, I'll think there's a better chance he'd appreciate a Toyota ad more than a random punch-the-monkey banner.


Presentation de GRIGRI

by globeing
Grands rseaux d'interaction

Business papers by Dave Pollard

by globeing & 1 other (via)
more than 100 business papers about : · Social Networking · Blogs in Business · Knowledge Management · Innovation · Entrepreneurship · Natural Enterprise · Aids for K-Workers

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