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Your Feed - Shopcade: Your Personal Shopping App

by gregg & 1 other
Welcome to your personal shopping app. Discover new products, create lists of the things you want, and get exclusive deals.



by croquisse
partager vos idées shopping et élargissez votre réseau d'achat

by cyberien & 2 others
Jellyfish is a new kind of search engine. We call it the Internet’s first buying engine. Search engines are great for finding information, but we think you also need a search engine that is perfect for when you want to buy something online. Enter Sure we make it simple for you to find the right product from a trusted merchant. But we also do something really different too: We share our revenue with you. Think of us like a Robin-Hood-like search engine that takes a percentage of the revenue you generate through your buying activity and redistributes it to you. I bet your search engine has never done that!

uSuggest - Shoppers Helping Shoppers

by cyberien
Shop, Suggest and Start Earning Money Now! USuggest provides a helpful community allowing you to discuss, suggest, and purchase the best products online. Join our thriving community of shoppers, suggestors and bloggers. It's free to suggest so start today!


Social shopping wishlists

by ndotnanda
This is the new way of managing the social shopping wishlists. Users & shop owners can manage their own links and share it with other friends,family ..etc

Generation Next shopping - Add,Share and find Social Shopping Bookmarks

by ndotnanda
This is the great site for managing your social shopping wishlists on the web.

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