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What Is He Doing?

by tehu
An insightful portrait of Evan Willianms and his star projects : Blogger & Twitter.

Facebook | The Facebook Blog

by tehu
`Now you can enter a friend's email address into the To: line when you send a message or share an album, and Facebook will email them the message.` -- unbelievable!



Nick Bradbury: Microsoft, RSS and Attention

by tehu
A feed store build into Longhorn ? That's kind of logic to personalize search, and a bit scary too, because it's MS.

Newsmashing with

by tehu & 3 others
Using like you use Technorati : clever trick

36 trucs is an epigone of 43 things

by tehu & 8 others
Yes : only 36, because we're french and lazy, you know...

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