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by blackgoldfish
If you’re feeling blue, try painting yourself a different color.”

friends are...

by blackgoldfish
"Friends are the sunshine of life." ~ John Hay


old sayings

by blackgoldfish
Don't panic. Wherever you go, go with all your heart. The smallest deed is better than the biggest intention. Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without. The only reason you die is because you live. Take the chance while you still have the choice. The only thing you truly own is your time. Be brave enough to live creatively. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools. Keep true to the dreams of your youth. The beginning of wisdom is to desire it. Always begin with an end in mind. The eyes believe themselves; the ears believe other people. Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Pick a path with heart. Take a chance in the near future. Change your luck today. Rest is a good thing, but boredom is its brother. Let the spirit of adventure set the tone. Dare to dream, hope, believe, seek, feel, find, and love. Be mischievous and you will not be lonesome. Originality overcomes everything. Good luck is the result of good planning.

A Day is a Tourist, A Year is a Traveler

by blackgoldfish
『A day is a step, a year is a tango. A day is a tourist, a year is a traveler. A day is a chance encounter, a year says love. A day is frustration, a year is a melody. A day is a lump of clay, a year is whatever you want it to be. A day is a thought, a year is a philosophy. Every year counts. Glenfiddich.』-Glenfiddich〈Every Year Counts〉TVC


rainy days and new starts

by blackgoldfish
"Be happy in whatever you do. I love how that sounds."

.i crave simplicity.

by blackgoldfish
because life [and people] are already too complicated.

12 Essential Rules to Live More Like a Zen Monk

by blackgoldfish
1. Do one thing at a time. 2. Do it slowly and deliberately. 3. Do it completely. 4. Do less. 5. Put space between things. 6. Develop rituals. 7. Designate time for certain things. 8. Devote time to sitting. 9. Smile and serve others. 10. Make cleaning and cooking become meditation. 11. Think about what is necessary. 12. Live simply. 11.

LV ads: where will life take you?

by blackgoldfish
"What is a joutney? A journey is not a trip. It's not a vacation. It's a process. A Discovery. It's a process of self-discovery. A journey brings us face to face with ourselves. A journey shows us not only the world, but how we fit in it. Does the person create the journey or does the journey create the person? The journey is life itself. Where will life take you?"



by blackgoldfish


by blackgoldfish

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