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Vous voulez aussi des cartes Moo alors à vous de jouer ! | Kaligram' - Agence de communication et centre de formation multimédia | Lille et Valenciennes

by kemar
RT @Bulleine: RT @kaligram vous voulez gagner 50 cartes Moo personnalisées… Suivez-nous : [from]


Sony Ericsson to acquire UIQ Technology

by dusanb (via)
The UIQ Technology AB is a Swedish software company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Symbian Ltd., that licenses the UIQ user interface and application development platform to mobile phone manufacturers. Now, they've been acquired by their largest licensee - Sony Ericsson.

Interview with Jeanne Kolesnik from Epocware

by dusanb
Jeanne Kolesnik is a Business Development Manager for Symbian OS software at Epocware, one of the leading developer of Symbian OS applications and the first company to receive the Symbian Signed for Symbian OS V9 for their Handy Weather application.

Nokia N73, N93 start shipping

by dusanb (via)
Two great Symbian OS powered phones are about to hit the shelves.

Million Nokia 3250 phones sold

by dusanb
With more than one million units sold since it entered the charts in March 2006, the Nokia 3250 music phone is quickly earning a reputation as a must-have summer accessory. It can store up to 750 songs (1 GB) of high quality music and sports a 2 megapixel camera in a unique design...

Nokia Content Discoverer and SNAP Mobile

by dusanb (via)
Nokia will provide SNAP Mobile multiplayer games for download and purchase through its Nokia Content Discoverer on-device portal solution and will provide mobile game publishers and developers a global distribution channel.

In search for a perfect all-in-one device

by dusanb
Article examines the possibilities of having all the features on a single mobile device, including WiFi connectivity, GPS receiver, full QWERTY keyboard, camera, etc.

Few questions with Hannu Markus from Nokia

by dusanb
Nokia's Communications Manager answers 5 question on

Symbian Watch

by dusanb & 2 others
Symbian OS news, comments, phones & more.


Nokia CEO Predicts Smartphone Market Growth

by teleclick
Nokia CEO, Jorma Ollila has made a prediction that the market for smartphones will double over the next year.

Non-Voice PDA Sales Continue to Decline

by teleclick
According to International Data Corp., the past few months have seen consumer sales of non-voice-enabled PDAs slide for the seventh consecutive quarter.

Nokia Introduces Enterprise-Level Smartphones

by teleclick
As of this Wednesday, Nokia has introduced a new line of mobile smartphones, which are primarily targeted at enterprise-level IT departments, and will become available by early 2006.

RIM to Use Intel Chips in Future Devices

by teleclick
Soon after Palm's announcement that they are planning to release a Windows-based Treo handheld device, Research in Motion is trying to generate additional excitement about their own products.


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