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Linux Embedded Software Development Blog

by onanong
Blog about embedded software development under Linux and Android. Articles about embedded processors, their software development kit and development boards, news about gadgets using embedded platforms mainly smartphones, tablets, media players, stb, digital signage, smart grid solutions...


iPhoneで始まった“ブランドアプリ”の可能性 - 記者の眼:ITpro

by kuroyagi


by kuroyagi

Booyah - Frequently Asked Questions

by kuroyagi
"First, Check-in at real-world locations to unlock rewards. Then buy and own your favorite real-life places. During the day, you can collect rent when people Check-in to your shops. The more visitors that come to your stores, the more it raises your properties' total value. The more you Check-in, the faster you'll level-up to unlock more locations to buy and upgrade, and the higher you'll climb up the leaderboard rankings. "

【速報】 米国モバイル位置情報アプリはすでに7000種超!そのアプリ・トレンドを調査する:in the looop:ITmedia オルタナティブ・ブログ

by kuroyagi

賢者の意志決定:「iPhone or Android?」――あなたの知らないモバイル業界の真実 (1/3) - ITmedia エンタープライズ

by kuroyagi

グーグルの「Nexus One」、早くもユーザーからの苦情が殺到 : Googleウォッチ -

by kuroyagi


Welcome -

by ycc2106 & 1 other
the collaborative development environment for developers to develop fully-interactive, stand-alone, downloadable SmartPhone applications in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Microsoft continue à se moquer de nous avec Windows Mobile 6.5

by nhoizey
Gizmodo a testé Windows Mobile 6.5, ça ne donne vraiment pas envie. "handset manufacturers have done more in the last two years to improve Windows Mobile than Microsoft has, which borders on pathetic"

Twitter est là où étaient les blogs en 2001, ça va exploser.

by pac-recrutement

Twitter est là où étaient les blogs en 2001, ce n’est qu’un frémissement. Mais attendez un peu, l’outil n’est même pas traduit en français. Attendez la généralisation des smartphones, le développement de la mobilité... Ça va exploser.

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