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December 2008

Learning Clip - Free resources Renewed Framework Y3 maths

by knann
Learning Clip is an online resource to support teachers, teaching assistants and parents implementing the renewed primary mathematics framework. Free for now.

Shine Write

by knann (via)
A collection of Maths teaching resources designed to be projected on to a white board or smartboard and then written on as part of a whole class exposition.

November 2008

TeacherTube - 60 sec tech

by knann (via)
Short, essential "How To" video tutorials for smartboard

Interactive Flash

by knann (via)
Downloads to use with smartboard.

October 2008


by knann
High quality resources from recognized providers such as ReadWriteThink, Illuminations, Science NetLinks, etc.

December 2007 Scientific Video Site

by knann (via)
DnaTube is a non-profit video site which is aiming to be a visual scientific resource for its visitors making scientific concepts easily understandable.

October 2007

Planets, Moons, and their Darksides

by knann (via)
The activities will enable the teacher to: position the nine planets interactively demonstrate the phases of the moon show that the moon orbits the Earth roughly every 28 days illustrate to pupils that the Earth spins on its own axis show that day and night are related to the Earth's rotation

Earth and Space Interactive

by knann
This interactive presentation consists of the following animations: the rotation of the Earth in space through 24 hours, showing day and night the orbit of the Earth around the sun explaining the different seasons the orbit of the moon around the Earth illustrating the phases of the moon By carrying out the activities in this lesson pupils will understand: why we have day time and night time on planet Earth why we have the different seasons why the moon appears a different shape over the month

ARKive Education - Resources

by knann
ARKive Education is a free-to-use, multi-media resource bank for teachers and other educators. Making use of the stunning imagery available at the award-winning ARKive website, ARKive Education provides downloadable, ready to use modules on a wide range of curriculum topics, suitable for geography, biology, environmental education and citizenship lessons.

June 2007

SMART board in the Math Classroom

by knann (via)
List of lesson plans and interactive sites for using a smartboard for math

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