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Design Patterns and Refactoring

by kasi77 & 1 other
SourceMaking — is the best information source on the Web on such software development topics as design patterns, refactoring and UML. A lot of information freely available through the site's pages, so feel free to use bookmarklet to leave interesting chapters for further reading. You may start browsing the site by following one of these topics:



Login Panel, connexion du plus bel effet| Webmaster - Ressources et outils gratuits pour votre site internet - Free Tools| Free Tools, Le meilleur des outils gratuits pour webmaster

by camel
Login Panel est un script original proposé par Web-kreation. Avec Login Panel, ajoutez en haut de votre page web un petit onglet, qui une fois “déplié”, vous demandera les informations de connexion classiques pour accéder à une zone personnelle. show hide login form Ce script s’appuie sur le Framework Mootools. Très simple à mettre en oeuvre, parfaitement réalisé, il ne vous faudra pas plus de 5 minutes pour le placer sur votre site internet. Et, ce script sera facilement “détournable”… pourquoi ne pas placer un “à propos de” ou panel avec vos sponsors ?

CSS Menu Builder | Free online navigation generator

by loneseb & 1 other
Please check out our 30 horizontal menus, our 700 vertical menus combinations and our breadcrumb menus that consist of more than 200 combinations, in total the site offers more than 1000 menu combinations not including the endless color combinations. Below is a small sample and if you click around, you will notice that our own site menu randomly changes between the menus we offer. If you have a suggestion or a query, then you are more than welcome to contact me, though please bare with me, I will try to reply to as many emails as possible per day. Oh and should you by some miracle find a bug, then by all means please report it and let me have it...

spamgourmet - free disposable email addresses, spam blocker

by camel & 1 other
Si vous donnez à tout le monde votre adresse de courrier électronique (courriel), vous recevez des spams et vous ne savez pas qui les envoie. Ne serait-il pas pratique de pouvoir donner une adresse différente à chaque société, à chaque site web, tout en continuant à recevoir votre courriel comme auparavant? Ne serait-il pas pratique que votre adresse soit désactivée automatiquement si elle commence à être spammée? Eh bien, c'est exactement ce que propose Spamgourmet! Il n'y a rien à installer sur votre machine. Et après vous être inscrit, vous n'aurez sans doute jamais plus besoin de revenir ici. C'est pour cela que Spamgourmet est une des meilleures façons d'éviter le spam. Libérez-vous du spam en 3 étapes

Open Source Web Design - Download free web design templates.

by kasi77 & 192 others, 2 comments (via)
We love design. Open Source Web Design is a site to download free web design templates and share yours with others. We help make the internet a prettier place.

Free Radio Streaming - Stream MP3 and WAV files with Ease | iRadeo

by camel & 3 others
iRadeo is a free online radio platform that allows anyone to stream their MP3 or WAV files. Once installed, iRadeo will automatically detect and stream any supported file format that has been uploaded to the specified directory. Benefits of iRadeo: * It's 100% FREE * Start your own free online radio station * Use to stream both music and podcasts * Share your favorite music with others * Customize to fit your web site

Fluid - Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard

by kasi77 & 13 others
Are you a Gmail, Facebook, Campfire or Pandora fanatic? Do you have 20 or more browser tabs open at all times? Are you tired of some random site or Flash ad crashing your browser and causing you to lose your (say) Google Docs data in another tab?

Free CSS - tout pour le CSS

by camel & 1 other
Free CSS est un site regroupant beaucoup de ressources, toutes conçues en CSS. * des templates * des menus * des tutoriaux * des calques * etc...


The Icon Grab Bag: The Top 50 Sources for Free Designer Icons > Design Vitality

by camel & 3 others (via)
Do you feel like something is missing from your site? Do you want to give your design a little snap? Make your site stand out with icons! When used correctly icons can add flavor and character to your site. Below are the top 50 sources for designer icons for use on your website:

Giving search engine spiders direction - 301 redirect

by marties & 1 other
Free Internet marketing resources, web site development tutorials, ecommerce strategies & software solutions. Shopping cart reviews & affiliate marketing guides & articles, plus search engine marketing resources & tools.

Free Vectors by Vecteezy!

by kruty & 13 others (via)
Vecteezy is an index of Free Vectors available for download by some of the best designers around the world. The site is updated every day

Chat Gratis

by JuPo (via)
El mejor sistema de chat para hablar con personas como tu de todas partes.

Directory Links

by BUses
Directory Links is Searching for SEO Resources.

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